Saturday, January 07, 2012

Emily's new do...

Both my girls generally speaking always have long hair and I absolutely LOVE it. I've always peferred my girls having long vs. short hair. I enjoy being able to do the long hair in a style and have it last for more than 1 day. For several months now Emily's head has turned into a very soft head. She cries and cries and cries when it comes time to doing her hair. Every day she cries! She starts crying before I can even pick up the brush and then cries harder as we work out the tangles. For over a week now I decided that just maybe it was time to cut this beloved long hair into something a little more managbale for a 5 year old.

Emily wanted her hair to come to her chin. My problem with this is that when Madelyn was about the same age she wanted to do the same thing. I took her to a friend who cut her hair to her chin. She loved it for about a week and then decided she hated such short hair. She hated it not being long for pig tails, she hated we couldn't do any of our favorite do's, she just didn't like her hair so short. Since then when it comes time to cut Madelyn's hair she's always quick to say, "Remember when my hair was really short? Don't cut it like that o.k?"

I don't want a repeat of this experience with Emily!

(Emily before the big hair cut)

After I cut 9 inches of her hair off I had her jump in the shower to wash it.
She wanted to brush it for the 1st time. She was THRILLED that there were no tangles and that she could brush ALL of her hair.

I wanted to cut her hair to her shoulders. I feel like we compromised.

Her hair straight is at her shoulders. When we blow dried the hair around her face we curled it under. She loves that it's as short as her chin.

She loves it.

I hope she will continue to love it.

Whether her hair is short or long she still looks cute!


katielyn said...

So dang cute!

Camille said...

her hair is so cute short!! I can't believe it was that long! ;)