Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hanna's 16th Birthday Party

Last night we helped Hanna celebrate her 16th birthday with some of her friends.
Mom and I gave Hanna several different themes for her party. In the end she chose "Minute to Win It". Have you ever seen this? If you haven't you must. If you don't have t.v like us you can see some of the episodes on you tube. This show is HILARIOUS. Contestants have 60 seconds to complete a challenge using everyday household items. A lot of these challenges are harder than you think and the 60 seconds to do it in doesn't help!We had a table set up with plenty of snacks and a tub full of cold soda.
Our 1st challenge for our contestants was called,
"Breakfast Scramble"
Two contestants are given 16, upside down, evenly cut pieces to the front of a cereal box. In 60 seconds they have to turn the pieces over and put the cereal box together correctly. We had a winner. One of these girls was able to complete this challenge at the sound of the buzzer. Good Job!
Our 2nd challenge of the night was called,
"Noodling Around"
The two contestants must hold a spaghetti noodle with the mouth while picking up and holding six pieces of penne with it.
With 15 seconds remaining we had a winner for this challenge too.
Good Job Girls!
Our next challenge was called,
"Spoon Frog"
This challenge you must use a spoon to flip another spoon into a can.
In 60 seconds you must have 3 spoons in your can.
This was a HARD challenge.
Our contestants didn't get a single spoon in their cans.
Next time we'll have to use bowls.
Good Job for trying girls.
Another challenge of the night is called,
"How's It Hangin' "
Each contestant ties a bananna around thier waste.
Swinging their hips they use the bananna to knock 2 oranges into a hula hoop.
This challenge was pretty difficult too. Skyler was able to get his orange right up next to the hoop but couldn't get it to go over the hump of the hoop.
Good try guys. You did great!

"Bottoms UP"
Each contestant using a yo-yo tied to the back of their waste must knock 4 cans off the bucketts.
Awsome job swinging those hips girls.
"Nose Dive"
I think this was the most funniest challenge!
The contestants are to dip their nose in a bowl of vaseline. They then stick their head into a bowl of cotton balls, get a cotton ball to stick and then run to a different bowl to place that cotton ball into all without using their hands.
By end of the game these players are shaking their head so much trying to get the cotton balls to fall off that the vaseline starts to "string" off thier nose making it look like snot.
Nasty! I know but hilarious to watch!
Mickel, you are such a great sport!
Due to the wind, afterall we do live in Hurricane.
We had to move some of our games inside.
This game is called,
"Blind Ball"
You have four balls, two of which are sitting on top of a empty toilet paper roll and the other two on top of an empty paper towel roll. The "lucky" contestant is blindfolded, spund in a circle 2x and left in the middle of the balls. They are to find and pick up at least 2 of the balls without knocking them to the ground in 60 seconds!
Good Try girls. You did great!
"Stack Attack"
The contestant is given 36 plastic cups. They are to stack them into a pyramid and then may begin to get the cups into a single stack.
NO ONE was able to do this in 60 seconds. It took the girls the whole 60 seconds just to get the whole pyramid.
So...... we seperated the stack. Each contestant was given 15 cups to complete this task.
Maddie had been practicing earlier this week so she went up against Aunt Hanna.
Aunt Hanna was great keeping the speed of Miss Maddie. When it came time to single stack the cups Aunt Hanna's stack knocked over, Maddies didn't and she was named winner.
Way to go Maddie! You won!
"Bite Me"
When the clock starts, player may attempt to pick up the bags one at a time. They can only use their mouth and must stay on their feet. The tallest bag is 10" and the smallest 2".
This is the 2" bag. It looks like Hanna is sitting but she isn't. She is doing the lowest squat possible! Technically she is still on her feet just the sides of them.
Way to go Hanna you moved all 5 bags in just 30 seconds!
The grand finale was,
"Face The Cookie"
Each contestant using only the face, move the cookie from their forehead to their mouth. In 60 seconds you must complete this task 3 times. We had everyone play this at the same time.
So funny to see.

Amazing how many of these teenagers were able to do this.
This was Brayden's FAVORITE game for sure.

He was great at picking up the left over pieces.

After games it was time for cake.
This was such a fun and creative cake to make.
"Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday Aunt Hanna, Happy Birthday to you."
We love you!

We went inside to open gifts. I'm jealous of your swim wrap, Hanna. I've been wanting to make myself one of these all summer. Now I can "borrow" yours.
Overall it was great night.
Playing "Minute It To Win It" would be so much fun to do for a Primary Activity
or a YW/YM Joint Activity.
We hope you had a wonderful night Hanna
Happy 16th Birthday!

I never posted the cakes I made last month so here they are...
We celebrated my Grandma and Grandpa's soon after we moved here.
Unfortunatly all my cake supplies were sitting in a box in Prescott Valley. I went to Michaels to buy a new deco. tip and wouldn't you know it they didn't have a single, regular size, common tip. So I ended up buying this huge tip that I really didn't want or need. I didn't like the way this cake turned out at all for my Grandma. Next years will be much better!
My grandpa's cake was another story. He loves to fish! The night before our little get together all the men in the house when night fishing. I thought it was appropriate for a fish cake.
I loved the way my "fish" turned out.

Emily, your next! What kind of a cake are we going to do for you? My soon to be 4 year old.


Ruth said...

I LOVE those games!!! I put together some for my husbands family reunion this year! It was a blast! We should totally do some at our next reunion!
As always, your cakes are great!!!

The Gubler Family said...

You are amazing. I wish I could have been there. Sounds like you had a really fun time. Tell Hanna Happy Birthday. You need to teach me how to make that frosting.

Camille said...

Love your cakes! The fish one is cool and Hanna's too!

Those games do look funny. Some of them I couldn't figure out from the discripton or pictures...ha ha...oh well. Good times. happy 16th TODAY hanna bannana!
Love, Camille

Michelle {Fun On a Dime} said...
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Michelle {Fun On a Dime} said...

What a bunch of fun games! I've played some of those and some are going to be great inspiration for the next party I'm going to have with my 15 year old niece!

Pankti said...

Superb fun games!!wonderful ideas for my kitty party.thanks

Unknown said...

Your games and ideas are really creative and smart! I love how you incorporated the minute to win it in her birthday! What great ideas! :^)

Unknown said...

Such casual parties look really cool and keeps you away from stressful party planning. I also planned a similar party for my daughter at best Seattle venues where she could enjoy with all her friends and loved ones. It actually turned out to be a great party.