Saturday, March 05, 2016

Emilys Christmas Choir Concert

Emily's school choir was asked to sing at Hurricane's Town Christmas Festival. We got there in time to see Santa who Kylie had no desire to sit on his lap, look at or even speak too!

As always, Emily sang her little heart out. 

They sang songs with actions, props, whistling parts and a few little dance moves. 

She loved it!

Merry Christmas!

Braydens Oral Report

 Everyone in Brayden's first grade class had the chance to pick a US symbol. They needed to learn about their symbol and then give an oral report in front of their class.  Brayden chose the American Bald Eagle.  

We took butcher block paper and drew an adult Eagle to show how long the Eagle is when it spreads it wings wide. 

We went through 7 brown crayons!

Brayden did an awesome job on his report! 
I even remembered to bring the camera so I could record it. 
He was quite the happy little boy!


This year we spent Thanksgiving in Hurricane at my parents home. All of my siblings were able to make it and be together for at least one day. It's been hard these past few years working around  a fireman and a police officer schedule where they are both new to their profession and are the low man on the todem pole. 

The 7 girls spent the night at our house while the 4 boys stayed at Grandma's. 

The next day Grandma taught the grand kids how to play the flour game! 

Aunt Sheri had a tub full of candy. She offered her stash to the kids and so we made gingerbread houses. 

Lots and lots of sugar!


A week after Kory and I had gotten back from our summer cruise a friend called asking if we wanted to go on another one. Supposedly she had found an awesome deal she wasn't going to pass up. Both Kory and I went to their home to hear the awesome price. Both of us went saying it didn't matter how awesome it was we just couldn't afford another week long vacation. Once we heard and saw those amazing deals we both caved! 

Airfare from Vegas to Miami, Florida cost each of us $49 one way. Total cost was $196 plus a $25 luggage fee. 
Our first stop on our way from Miami to the Florida Keys was a little spot on the side of the road to feed the Tarpon. 

These fish reminded me of huge catfish. For $5 we bought an ice cream bucket full of little dead fish to feed the Tarpon.

So much fun! These fish were huge. I thought they'd swallow our hands whole!

The Pelicans were hoping we'd drop the little fish for them. 

The best group shop we got all week. 

 The Florida Keys were awesome. I would love to go back. It was my favorite part of the trip. One night we ate at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.  

We stayed in a condo for our first 3 nights. We went swimming, played sand volleyball, and just played tourists. One day we rented jet skis and took a tour around the islands. One of the couples brought a water camera and I can't wait to exchange our photos. 

Too soon drove back into Miami to board our cruise with the destination of the Bahama's. 
The cruise was a 3 day so kind of short but at the same time it cost us under $600. Pretty cheap!

For the first time ever we went snorkeling. So much fun. Loved the water, loved all the different kinds of fish and turtles and wild life I've never seen out in the "wild".  Being we spent our one and only day in the Bahamas in the water I didn't bring my camera. Our friends brought there water camera so I know we've got pictures coming.  

After our cruise we stayed a night in Miami. We went to the Everglades Park to see live alligators. 

On our little boat ride excursion we saw 5 different alligators swimming alongside us. 

In the end we stayed to watch the alligator show. These alligators are  rescued alligators and deemed "trouble". They have left their homes and have caused havoc in peoples back yards. They have been captured and returned back to the wild 3 times. 3 strikes and they are out. Instead of being killed they are put behind a fence so as not to be a pest to anyone. 

Pretty cool creatures!

Our last day we took a water tour around Miami. 

There are several subdivisions that all the streets are water! Everyone has a boat and they drive it to a special dock to get to "town". Amazing to see all the different kinds of boats and homes in the area. All docks had these massive lizard like looking animals basking in the sunshine.  

Our week long away from home was so worth it. So much fun! I'm so glad we were able to go and see the things that we saw. 

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Will Soda dye flowers?

Madelyn had the privilege of participating in the science project this year.
She was so excited! Mom, not so much! 
Madelyn loved the idea of dying flowers with colored water.  This is probably the oldest science project around. I did it as a kid. I remember friends doing it and my younger siblings doing it. I know of parents who have children older than mine that have done it. I didn't want her to do the same old boring thing. I wanted her to vary it up a bit. After many different suggestions she chose to pick three different colors and wanted to see which dyed the flower better? Colored water vs Soda.

She filled her jars and placed the flowers during the late afternoon just before dinner. 
When she woke up the next morning, about 14 hours later, the brown water flower had started to turn colors. 

But surprisingly it wasn't brown. The top 1/2 of the flower was blue. The lower 1/2 green. 
So she rotated the flower the best she could and the same thing happened by dinner that night. Now the petals had streaks of both blue and green. Blue and green does make brown but the color brown never appeared. 

As for the rest of the was kind of a dud! There was just barely a hint of purple deep in the heart of the flower that was sitting in the purple water. We never did see any change in the orange flower. If we were to do it again we'd go heavier on the food coloring and less water. 

A week after the project was begun this was our results. The flowers may not have turned colors like we were expecting but they were still at least alive. The flowers that had been "nourished" by soda.....well they died! The petals shriveled up and the stem became so weak that the flower bent in half. When the top of the flower was touched it was very brittle. In fact when Madelyn picked the soda flowers up they broke at their bend.  Needless to say we've have many conversation's about our health and soda and why mom very rarely buys the stuff.
Who knew???

So to answer the original question, does soda dye flowers? Nope not for us at least.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Trick or Treat

This year I had great plans. 
I had some AWESOME costume ideas that I desperately wanted to do.
In the end I got one done. One day I am not going to be in school during the holiday's. I say this every year thinking the following years holiday season I will be school free and it never seems to happen! I did earn my degree in accounting over the summer but to work for H&R Block this upcoming tax season I had to enroll in their school. So for 2 nights a week I was gone for 4 hours instead of being home in front of my sewing machine. 

On the bright side I did get Madelyn's Cruella DeVille costume complete. She loved it and all the compliments she received. Emily wanted to be a fairy. Her costume was the one I was looking forward to the most that never got done. Oh well....maybe next year. She was still happy making her own fairy from our costume box and clothes she already wore. 

Brayden, aka Bad Batman found his costume out our Halloween box and fell in love. It didn't matter that it was 3 sizes to big. We rolled the sleeves and rolled up the pant legs. It worked! 
He was happy as happy can be!

Kylie wanted to be Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. I made her costume out of tulle. Something I haven't done in years. And now I remember why! I hate tulle. Before it's worn while it's on the hanger it looks great. The minute the child puts it on that tulle collects electricity, it won't lay down and it just becomes a mess. But she loved it and was happy. She loved it so much she slept in it more times I'd like to admit. 

We met up with some friends in a different neighborhood to do the bulk of our trick or treating. Before leaving Bah Hum Bug Hunter who all of a sudden thinks he's to old for trick or treating was kind enough to take the little two around the neighborhood for me. 

 I love how these two are so patiently waiting for someone to come to the door. 
Trick or Treat!

I had to take a picture of my favorite costume I saw that night. It's not the greatest but you can imagine. It's Cinderella in her carriage! So creative, so fun. 

Haunted Farm

A few day's before Halloween we took the family to a local Haunted Farm/Corn maze.

After we paid our admission fees we were loaded up on a hay wagon and given a ride to all the fun activities.  The first thing we saw was the Headless Horseman.

Emily couldn't figure out how that was possible.

 We were able to make our way through a corn maze.

 Hunter and Kory played a bean bag toss game.

All of the kids liked the Hay Tower. 

Once you climbed to the top you got to slide down the plastic culvert.  

There were farm animals to be seen, face paintings to be had and a fun sand box to dig in. 
Fun times.

Carving Pumpkins

Carving Pumpkins is an annual tradition that my kids LOVE!
 I on the other hand have a love/hate relationship with this tradition.
I love the creativity my kids end up showing, the being togetherness and supportiveness we see the kids offering one another. I love hearing what each has envisioned at the beginning and then seeing what their final master piece ends up as. We have fun! The hate part is the mess. We've always got to many of us working on a to small of a table/area. We're in each others way and the mess just seems to multiply all over my kitchen table and floor. It quite often gets on my kitchen cabinet doors and walls. Somehow the little ones leave me sticky hand prints through out the house despite the numerous hand washings. And then we have the clothes with the spilt "guts" my kids like to call it down the front of them. It's just a messy activity. 

This year living in Hurricane I took advantage of our warm weather. I set up a table outside and we made our memories there! What perfect Sunday afternoon activity. 

Here's our before. 
Hunter wanted to poke our new skeleton into his. 

My girls. 
The little one there in the middle is quite spoiled by her 2 big sisters. 
Can you tell?

Oh happy day's! 
All the spills and mess is outside.

Daddy helping Kylie.

This one requested a picture of her holding her pumpkin's "guts".

And then the final product!

Somehow I didn't get a picture of Madelyn's creation. I don't know how I missed hers.
They all did a superb job this year.