Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Spring Break 2018

 For many many years my family has lived pretty close to Brian Head Ski Resort and we have never gone! This year I planned to take a few days off from H&R Block during the kids spring break.  It was the best decision ever!

We left Sunday afternoon after church. Drove the 1 hr 15 min and checked in to our studio apartment. We found the provided sleds on the patio and we immediately began playing in the snow. 

Unfortunately the sleds we found were all broken up. But that didn't stop our kids!

They were so broken it was kind of hard to stay on them!

Love his smile!

We can't play in snow with out a snow fight!  

Miss Kylie making her snowball.  

Everyone participated!

After our snow ball fight we started making snowmen. Brayden wanted to make one all by himself.

The rest of us worked together and made a nice big one. 

We had so much fun!

Soon it got dark and so we headed back inside for a warm crock pot dinner.
The kids loved the shot glasses they found when setting the table. Hunter chose something a little bigger to use, a wine glass. Silly kids. 

After dinner we has a little surprise for the kids. We had bought the latest movie, Jumangi. We kicked back on our beds and finished the night watching a family movie. 

Monday morning came and Kory, Hunter and Madelyn took off to go skiing for the day. The little's decided they wanted to go swimming first. So to the pool we went. 

This little man of mine is like a fish. He loves the water! 

These two love the water too. 

When they were tired of swimming we went back to our room to change. It was time to play in the snow again.  

Walking to our room we passed someone in management. We asked if they had any sleds that weren't broken? He contacted the owner of our little apartment for us to ask. Within 20 minutes we had 4 unbroken sleds at our door. WooHoo!

Love this girls facial expressions! 

Even mom took a turn. 

At lunch Kory and the older kids came home. After eating Madelyn wanted a small break and so went outside and helped Brayden dig a snow cave. 

Soon the big kids left to go skiing again and the younger kids wanted to swim once more. So back to our apartment we went to change again!

It wasn't too long later that Kory and the others joined us. Apparently the slopes closed at 4pm. We thought it was 6pm. Oops! So the whole family had some pool time.  

After spending 2 hours at the pool the kids were exhausted! We all went back to our apartment and took turns showering. We ate dinner and then sat around and played some boards games. Soon the little's climbed onto there beds and nodded off. They were exhausted!

Tuesday morning we had to check out at 11. So after breakfast we went back outside and spent our last few hours playing in the snow.

Hunter's sled came out from underneath him.  

Mom had another turn. 

I lost the sled! 

And tumbling down I went! The kids of course thought it was great. 

Dad taking Kylie down a steep hill. 

Emily caught some air! 

These 2 had more fun going down together than by themselves.  

They were hilarious to watch. 

Dad and Kylie caught some air too! 

And then it was snow right in her face. Ughhhhh
I thought for sure we'd have tears but she loved it!
We seriously had the best day in a half at Brian Head. 

The weather was absolutely beautiful while we were there. No wind and lots of warm sunshine. The kids quickly got too warm with their coats on. They would have taken their snow pants off too but they knew their jeans would get wet pretty quickly. We will definitely have to go back again. This was a much needed little getaway for our family.