Friday, May 30, 2008

Schools Out, Lets Shout!!

Yesterday was our 2nd annual "Schools Out, Let's Shout" Primary activity. Maddie made sure she put plenty of sunscreen on.
Emily was quite content to play with an empty water gun.
That is Maddie sitting on the top of the slide.

Hunter's all about the water.
Thankyou Kye for sharing your popsicle with Emily.
Little show off.
When the wind picked up making it a little cold for the water. Hunter found his way to the sand box.
Emily didn't want to look at the person holding the camera. Could have been a cute pict. of Emily and me. Stinkerbug!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Weekend

It all started last friday evening when my brother Travis arrived from Hurricane, Ut. Saturday morning he and Kory went to the shop and worked on a birthday present for his wife who is turning "21" this friday.

Saturday at noon my sister Sheri and her husband Jason arrived along with my brother Matt who came for the weekend too. We rented Super Mario Galaxy for the weekend. This is what Uncle Jason and Hunter did almost the entire time they were here. They were both so pleased to find that Sunday evening they had beat the entire game.
Uncle Jason giving his thumbs and wrists a rest from the WII helped Maddie build a castle for her polly pocketts
Maddie and Emily loved being spun across our wood floor by their Aunt Sheri and Uncle Jason.
Emily is continuing to do an awsome job on the toilet. During the day we remain accident free and she is starting to wake up with a dry diaper. YEAH!!!!
Despite the almost constant rain we received while our house was full of guests my brothers helped Kory with the shed. They didn't seem to have a problem helping place the trusses, and sheeting the roof. Yesterday Kory started placing the paper so we can soon start to shingle the roof. Kory may be on his own for this part. I didn't realize I had such a fear of heights. I like my feet planted firmly on the ground.

Very rarely do we have family come to us. So this was great that I had so many siblings come for a visit. We hope for more visits in the near future.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pee Pee

I pulled down our little potty about 2months ago for Emily (she was 18 months). I really tried with her but she just didn't get it. I never put the potty away and then last week she started saying "pee, pee". So we've begun again. I know it's a little early but Maddie was accident free at 21months. Emily will be 20 months next week. Since last week this girl strips down to her nothen's everytime she dirty's a diaper or she wants to go sit on the toilet. Monday I was sick and really didn't have the energy to take her potty. She ran around the house most the day naked because I couldn't keep a diaper or panites on her but she pee'd 4 times in the toilet. Yesterday she did very well again. This morning she woke up, came running into my bedroom saying "pee pee". I rolled over felt her diaper and it was warm. Assuming she had already wet her diaper I tried distracting her but she wouldn't have it. I kicked myself out of bed took her to the potty and she actually went. If we can keep this up she just may follow in her sister's footsteps and be potty trained by 21 months. We have about 5 weeks so wish us well.

Future Shed

Our home office has also been being used as a shed (being we don't have a garage). It currently has an exterior door, air compressor with hoses, tool box, nail gun and many other tools I won't list scattered throughout the room. Our office used to host a wheel barral, 2 shovel's, a rake and a pick axe. Deciding these weren't the most safest to keep inside a house we have hid them outside. We just didn't want sombody to walk off with these items. We've wanted to build a shed since we moved in a year ago and now have the resources to begin. The past 3 weeks we've been working on the initial prep. Hunter had so much fun helping his daddy get ready for concrete.
The cement was finally delivered this past friday.
Monday night Kory started to work on framing the walls.
Having only a few hours the past 2 nights I think we've done pretty well. We've got the 3 walls framed and are curently working on the 4th. This last wall will take a little longer as we need to frame in a regular outside door and a roll up door.

It's coming along rather nicely. We have gone to Home Depot and Lowe's several time looking at their sheds. We decided to make our shed 12x16. I knew it was going to be large but now seeing the walls go up it's bigger then I anticipated. We will have plenty of room for all the tools, bikes, outside equipment, and our holiday decorations. Can't wait for the finished product. It will be nice to have more shelving in my closet with all the seasonal items outside.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cute Kids...

What adorable little kids we've got.
Hunter 5 years old

Big brother...What a helper.
Madelyn 3 years old.

The joy of having a sibling.
Emily 20 months old.
Sisters, they have so much fun together.
Thankyou, Kerrianne for the memories I will always treasure.