Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Finals ended last week! Woohooo! Another semester down just 3 more to go. If I were to take 4 classes again each semester I could be done in 2 but I won't. Frankly these past few months have really been the worse. So there is no rush. I will take my time and continue to only take 2 classes per semester. The Festival of Tree's was over last week too and my Pampered Chef Party was last night. I can breathe. Today I have done nothing but update my blog. Something that has been neglected long enough. I've also been folding clothes in between so I can say I did accomplish something important today.  The forecast is predicting snow, snow and snow over the next 4 day's. I think it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This past saturday to my kids delight we got the Christmas Tree up! We had 2 strands of lights to go on it but I used one strand for the tree we donated. The other strand I put on our tree just to discover that half of them didn't work. So I took them off and Kory tried to fix it. To no luck! We do have a star that should be placed on top but it won't stay on and seriously I just can't be bothered this year. So our tree is topless and lightless. I guess this is what happens when you live an hour away one-way from the nearest store that would sell christmas tree lights. I know the kids had fun finding a real tree and helping their dad cut it down but next year I'm all for our fake tree I bought at like 90% off at Hobby Lobby three years ago and have only used once.
 Something new happened to our family this year. Saturday night I got a phone call from our local post office saying we had had a special delivery. So when the kiddo's got out of the tub we headed over to pick it up. Look what was inside! An Elf. An Elf that didn't have a name and so after much arguing discussion between the three very opinionated children we have it came down to 2 names. Bob or Jingle. Being we are in the Christmas Season, Jingle won which the two girls were thrilled with!  
 The kids woke up Sunday morning to discover Jingle's message to them, Hi!
Miss Emily could hardly believe it. 
 The next day Jingle toilet papered our tree. Naughty Elf!!
My camera's batteries died and I haven't been able to take any pictures since. Next week I'll be headed into town and will have to buy some more then. Until then I am out of luck!
One morning Jingle was found sprawled out on the floor reading our Christmas books. Another morning he tied himself to the ceiling fan and was flying around the room. Silly Jingle!
Hunter who is 9 I THINK still believes in Santa even though he's told me Jingle is just a toy and he knows it's me who's moving him each night. He's questioning Santa, he's made different comments but in the end he usually says something about Santa being real. I'm pretty sure this will be his last year experiencing the magic and innocence of Christmas that Santa brings to the season. It saddens me this day has finally come. Madelyn is 8 and still believes in Santa and believes that Jingle is real too. If she's questioning she has kept them to herself. I hope I can have one more year with her. Emily who is 6 is making the season fun. She whole heartedly believes in Santa and Jingle. She wants to take Jingle to school with her for show and tell. Brayden is three this year. He likes Jingle and enjoys seeing what he's done but it's Emily that brings it to his attention. With out Emily I don't think Brayden would care. Brayden is however excited for Santa to come. Emily has told him that Santa will bring anything he wants even stuff that mom won't buy you like a camera for her. He's decided he wants a SpiderMan house and is quick to tell anyone who asks what he want's. I sure hope Santa's listening and the kids will be suprised  come Christmas morning.

Kylie 6month photo shoot.

Before Kylie was born I fell in love with the idea of taking monthly pictures of her. It made me even more excited when I came across the stickers at Hobby Lobby to correlate with what I wanted to do. 6 months into this I'm glad we are half way done. She loves to play with the dang things and is constantly looking at them or peeling them off to put them in her mouth. In my head I wanted these awesome, great professional looking pictures each month. I give up! I'm not going to have them. The more I learn to use my camera the more I know that it can't do what I want it to do. So these pictures will just have to do until one day Santa suprises me with a better camera that is more suitable to taking picts of wiggly kids. Maybe by the time my grankids enter the world I will have the camera I so desperately want. 
 Can you please look at mom instead of everywhere else??
 Miss Kylie with her best friend, Ellie.
  Oh no... We've discoved the sticker already!!
Maybe if I look at mom she won't notice me pulling the sicker off??

 If it's not the sticker she's after it's the shoes. If I don't put shoes on her than she tries to suck on her toes.
 Despite my frusturation with taking her monthly pictures. I love this girl! She makes me smile along with everyone else. I love hearing her giggle. I love watching her discover new things.

 She's beautiful and I am so glad she's a part of our family.
 Miss Kylie can sit up all by herself now. She no longer likes to be laying down on her back to play. She puts everything within reach into her mouth. Brother Brayden (3yr.) thinks it's hilarious to give her his shoe to suck on. Crazy boy!!
Miss Kylie's bottom tooth finally broke through and we are a much happier baby girl.
If I keep Kylie awake until about 10 o'clock she will sleep until 7 am. 
She loves food. It's hard to eat with her on our laps as she is constantly reaching for your plate and food. Kylie eats green beans and carrots that I bottled from our garden this past fall, pears and peaches that I bottled this past year and mashed potato's. This past week I tore chicken into extrememly tiny pieces and mixed it in with her potato's and she did great with it. She also had plain jello for the first time.  Kylie is getting better and better at drinking from a cup. As with tradition we don't use sippy cups a lot. I like to start them with a regular cup and then we have one less transition to go through. Kylie is a happy baby. Quick to smile and share her giggles. Kylie has entered that stage of not liking stranger's. The week after Thanksgiving the kids and I went to my parents house and she was terrible. She wouldn't let anyone hold her but me. She'd even freak if they touched her hand. I was so ready for when Kory joined us and gave me a break from having to hold her 24/7.   

Kylie 5 months

Kylie hit her 5 month mark the end October. Wow is she growing up fast. I miss my newborn, cuddly baby! She is "funner" as the kids and her daddy like to say because she is becoming more and more interactive with our family!
 I really struggled with this months pictures. The lighting has been all wrong and I can't seem to catch it when it's right. Maybe it has something to do with winter nearing??
 The sticker's were a complete nuisance this month too. Dang girl won't leave them alone.
 Look how big she is!! Her feet now hang above the laundry hamper.
 We see Kylie doing a lot of this lately. She has definetly discovered her feet!
 Kylie is enjoying eating at the table with the rest of us.
 We have started giving her pieces of waffles, pancake and soft bread to knaw on.
 Miss Kylie is trying so hard to sit up all by herself but she can't quite get it. She can sit for just a few seconds and than falls over. She loves to play with her jungle gym that hangs over her. She still sleeps on her tummy for the majority of the time. Miss Kylie is teething. I've seen a white spot on her bottom gums but it comes and goes. Hopefully by her 6 month mark that little tooth will make it's presence. Kylie still likes Ellie (her bink attached to an elephant). I'll have to post pictures of her and Ellie together one day. I haven't had a binky baby since Hunter, 9 years ago. It may not be easy to get rid of later but I sure enjoy the convienence of it now.

Festival of Tree's

Last saturday our family went on a little adventure...

We went in search of a Christmas Tree! 
While searching Hunter decided to try some fresh, organic pine gum! He decided that store bought gum was much better!
Hunter did a good job cutting down our first tree found.

It ended up being bigger than he thought.
We need two trees this year so while Hunter was busy with this one the girls and dad chopped our second one down.

Miss Kylie loved the adventure!

 We needed two trees this year because we donated one to the schools Festival of Tree's. This is when trees, wreaths and other large items are donated to be raffled off. The money earned this year is going towards the funds needed to paint murals of the US and the World outside on the school's blacktop. These murals can be used during class time or games played on them during recess. The school use to have these murals until a few years ago when the playground was re-surfaced.

The tree we donated was from our personal company, Cave Man Cabinets and Kory's brother's company KC Livestock. We went with a western theme for our tree.

I was able to get an old straw Cowboy hat donated for our tree topper and a rope to circle the tree with instead of garland or ribbon. For the tree skirt to tie it all in I bought 2 packages of bandana's. I was wanting red but of course good ol' Walmart once again fell through and only had blue! My plan was to sew them together but being the week before finals this was just one of many projects that just didn't get done.
 Kory bent barbed wire into the shape of a star for me. When we hung it on the tree you could barely see it. It was a bit disapointing so I wrapped each star in red and blue ribbon to make them pop out better. Sister-in-law Carrie made our candy cane decorations.
 In the end the tree was a success and helped bring money in. I'm not much of a western themed person so the tree to me was just O.K. Living in our community full of rancher's and farmer's the western theme was a hit!

I am the book keeper for Heaton Livestock. They too wanted to donate but left it up to me. Knowing I couldn't do 2 tree's myself I took an old wreath and gave it an updo!

The big night finally came. The Kindergardner's and 1st grade class was asked to sing some Christmas Songs during the grand tree lighting event. Miss Emily is kneeling in the front with the light blue coat on.

 Unfortunately I was busy selling raffles and helping out at a few other station's so I didn't get any more pictures. We had several vendor's set up and the kids were able to run around and participate in a few things. The kids had fun and I'm quite glad to know this big night is now behind me. Until next year...

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving this year was quite simple for me.
We had our great feast at Harmony's (Kory's sister)house.
We were asked to bring 2 pies and that was it. Like I said very easy this year.

My little baker put herself in charge of making the pies this year. She made my kids favorite chocolate chip pie and than helpd me make 2 lemon meringue's. Being we only needed 2 for the big family gathering we left one at home to eat on over the next few days.

 Here's Uncle Dusin holding his Izzy Bee (aka Elizabeth) and Uncle Jim holding my Kylie.
 Here's Uncle Mike and my hubby.
 Aunt Harmony's house was packed! They set up 4 extra tables. The majority of Kory's siblings (9 of them) were present except for 3. One of his sister's live in northern Utah and didn't make it. His other sister went to Nauvoo to spend the holiday with Grandma and Grandpa who are serving a mission. And his younger brother spent the holiday with his in-laws. They were all missed!
 After the big feast Uncle Dustin took those that wanted and played some games out in the back yard. This warmer weather is extremly unusual and we decided to make the most of it knowing it will be gone very shortly!
We had a great day spending the day with our extended family members.

Facebook Group

Sometime in October I as asked to join a Group on Facebook. This group has professional and amateaur photographer's. Each month a challenge is given and for a few weeks we try to better our selves in a paticular way using our camera. For the month of November our challenge was "backlighting". These are some of my better, more successful, recieved compliments on from this group.

Here's Miss Kylie...
I love her smile! Her lighted, bright ears makes me smile! I've learned that back lighting has a lot to do with preference. The ears are funny but this isn't a photo I'd put on my wall where as other's oohed and ahhed over them and her blown out head.   

 I do like this one of Emily. I like the fuzziness my camera did to the back ground all by itselg. I do like the light on her head.
Now that schools over I hope to put more time and effort into our monthly challenges. One day I am hoping for a better camera. One that I can change settings and play with the ISO. It's frusturating to see moving shots posted to our group and knowing that my camera doesnt' have that ability. The one thing that really bugs me about the camera is the movement. Kids NEVER sit still and any little movement when taking their picture turns out fuzzy for the most part and ruins the picture. One day...

Red Ribbon Week

This year I have 3 in school. Each of my children desperatly wanted me to be their room mom. How do I choose which class? Before having to make my decision I was asked if I wanted to participate on the school's Booster Club. Our school doesn't have a PTA and so this stands in it's place. We are very small with just 4 of us as member's. I decided that instead of having to choose between my kids I would do the Booster Club thing that way I was at the school volunteering my services to all of the classes instead of just one.

I was put in charge of Red Ribbon Week which fell over Halloween this year. On Monday we had Crazy Hair Day!

 My kids love spraying their hair a different color. Emily was so fun to watch as this is 1st year to participate in things like this.
 Tuesday was "Slam Dunk, Drugs are Junk". The kids could wear any sports affiliated clothing. We are not a sport fanatic family! Being last year Hunter and Madelyn played baskett ball we did have their jersey's. Miss Madelyn volunteered to wear her dad's old high school jersey even though it looks like a dress of her. She was quite pleased to tell me at the end of the day that there were many other's that wore their parents jersey too!
 Wed. was Halloween so the kids got to wear their costumes to school. Thursday was Pajama day and I apparently didn't take pictures of that day.
Friday ended up being everyon'e most favorite day. This was the 1st time the school has released
 The kids had an assembly first thing that morning and by 9:45 we were all outside with our balloons ready. The principal had us count down from 10 and then together we released our balloons that were attached to our drug free pledge.

I've never done anything like being on the Booster Club before so this was a new experience for me. I think the week turned out great! I recieved many, many compliments and so I believe everyone had fun. It's interesting living is such a small community. People say they are excited to have a new-be on the team for fresh ideas. Yet when I suggest something most of the comments made our "we've never done that before, I don't think we can" or "I don't think we can afford that" or "I don't know if people will like that. We've never done it that way". I really had to push for the helium balloon's. It cost $45 for the helium, $25 for the balloons and $4 for the red ribbon we tied around them. In the end the $74 was well worth it and I'm being told everyone wants to do it again next year.  Yippee!!

Halloween Randomness 2012

As you know Halloween is my absolute, all time FAVORITE Holiday! I love dressing up, the fun foods, the cool shirts, annual party and the awesome hair do's I ALWAYS do on the girls. This year was a bit diifferent for our family. I felt like I was the "grinch" of Halloween.
We did make it to the Halloween Pack Meeting.
Here's Mr. G (member of the bishopric)

Loved Sis. Roundy's costume!

 Madelyn wanted to be a Miss Dracula. Being we live in the middle of nowhere we had to use what we had in our costume box.  I've had this wig for years and I've loved it! I've worn it to church parties, school function's and other events and for some reason people have a hard time recognizing me. But I do believe after this year, it's been taken over by my daughter.

This was the 1st Pack Meeting Kory's been able to attend since Hunter began the scouting program a year in a half ago. It was so nice having him there. The baby and he and I went as our old standby, quick and easy M&M's. I made these costumes 6 years ago when Emily was a baby.They've sure come in handy.
Brayden when going through our Halloween costumes fell in love with the giraffe costume. This little man of mine wanted to wear it all the time! It was a fight to get him to not sleep in it each night.

 Apparently those were the only pictures I took of our Pack Meeting.

My kids school put on a Halloween Parade around the school block. The little ones and I sat on the grass and cheered them on.
 Miss Madelyn...

Miss Emily... a fairy waving at her mom 
 Loved the Preschool teacher's costumes!

Mr. Hunter as.... Batman!

 Brayden loving on his sister while waiting for the kids to come back.
 Not sure what happened to my camera when we went trick-or-treating cause I don't seem to have any pictures. Here's Miss Emily with part of her stash when the night was through.

So last year's Halloween was absolutely horrible. We stayed in town to do our trick-or-treating and no lie we were the only ones out walking the streets. Everyone else was being driven around. With our town being so small with a total of 8 streets (4 running N to S and the other 4 running E to W)  I was baffled by all the driving. By the time we got home we were freezing and had very little candy. The majority of the houses had there lights off. What the heck?? 

 Last year Kory was on the night shift so wasn't with us. This year I told him we were going to drive to the next town over where it was little bigger, had sidewalks and street lights. Being it's 20 minutes away the plan was to leave about 6. We get in the van and the kids decide they want to go to a friends house in town first. After that house someone else wants to go to their primary teacher's house. It seemed like after each house the kids kept wanting to go to another friends/teacher's house. By the time we were done it was past 7 and I wasn't up for the 40 minute travel time we had ahead of us. Let's not foget that Halloween this year was on a wed. so a school night! So we finished driving the kids around town and hit the houses we hadn't already hit. We were home about 7:30, costumes were put away, faces washed and the kids were in bed at 8! Being we left earlier this year and we drove instead of walked most of the houses still had their lights on and the kids were pleased with their candy. Trick-or-treating is done differently here than what we were use to back in Arizona. I decided to have success living here we need to leave ealier instead of waiting till the sun starts to go down and we'll drive em' around instead of walking.