Thursday, December 13, 2012

Festival of Tree's

Last saturday our family went on a little adventure...

We went in search of a Christmas Tree! 
While searching Hunter decided to try some fresh, organic pine gum! He decided that store bought gum was much better!
Hunter did a good job cutting down our first tree found.

It ended up being bigger than he thought.
We need two trees this year so while Hunter was busy with this one the girls and dad chopped our second one down.

Miss Kylie loved the adventure!

 We needed two trees this year because we donated one to the schools Festival of Tree's. This is when trees, wreaths and other large items are donated to be raffled off. The money earned this year is going towards the funds needed to paint murals of the US and the World outside on the school's blacktop. These murals can be used during class time or games played on them during recess. The school use to have these murals until a few years ago when the playground was re-surfaced.

The tree we donated was from our personal company, Cave Man Cabinets and Kory's brother's company KC Livestock. We went with a western theme for our tree.

I was able to get an old straw Cowboy hat donated for our tree topper and a rope to circle the tree with instead of garland or ribbon. For the tree skirt to tie it all in I bought 2 packages of bandana's. I was wanting red but of course good ol' Walmart once again fell through and only had blue! My plan was to sew them together but being the week before finals this was just one of many projects that just didn't get done.
 Kory bent barbed wire into the shape of a star for me. When we hung it on the tree you could barely see it. It was a bit disapointing so I wrapped each star in red and blue ribbon to make them pop out better. Sister-in-law Carrie made our candy cane decorations.
 In the end the tree was a success and helped bring money in. I'm not much of a western themed person so the tree to me was just O.K. Living in our community full of rancher's and farmer's the western theme was a hit!

I am the book keeper for Heaton Livestock. They too wanted to donate but left it up to me. Knowing I couldn't do 2 tree's myself I took an old wreath and gave it an updo!

The big night finally came. The Kindergardner's and 1st grade class was asked to sing some Christmas Songs during the grand tree lighting event. Miss Emily is kneeling in the front with the light blue coat on.

 Unfortunately I was busy selling raffles and helping out at a few other station's so I didn't get any more pictures. We had several vendor's set up and the kids were able to run around and participate in a few things. The kids had fun and I'm quite glad to know this big night is now behind me. Until next year...