Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Finals ended last week! Woohooo! Another semester down just 3 more to go. If I were to take 4 classes again each semester I could be done in 2 but I won't. Frankly these past few months have really been the worse. So there is no rush. I will take my time and continue to only take 2 classes per semester. The Festival of Tree's was over last week too and my Pampered Chef Party was last night. I can breathe. Today I have done nothing but update my blog. Something that has been neglected long enough. I've also been folding clothes in between so I can say I did accomplish something important today.  The forecast is predicting snow, snow and snow over the next 4 day's. I think it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This past saturday to my kids delight we got the Christmas Tree up! We had 2 strands of lights to go on it but I used one strand for the tree we donated. The other strand I put on our tree just to discover that half of them didn't work. So I took them off and Kory tried to fix it. To no luck! We do have a star that should be placed on top but it won't stay on and seriously I just can't be bothered this year. So our tree is topless and lightless. I guess this is what happens when you live an hour away one-way from the nearest store that would sell christmas tree lights. I know the kids had fun finding a real tree and helping their dad cut it down but next year I'm all for our fake tree I bought at like 90% off at Hobby Lobby three years ago and have only used once.
 Something new happened to our family this year. Saturday night I got a phone call from our local post office saying we had had a special delivery. So when the kiddo's got out of the tub we headed over to pick it up. Look what was inside! An Elf. An Elf that didn't have a name and so after much arguing discussion between the three very opinionated children we have it came down to 2 names. Bob or Jingle. Being we are in the Christmas Season, Jingle won which the two girls were thrilled with!  
 The kids woke up Sunday morning to discover Jingle's message to them, Hi!
Miss Emily could hardly believe it. 
 The next day Jingle toilet papered our tree. Naughty Elf!!
My camera's batteries died and I haven't been able to take any pictures since. Next week I'll be headed into town and will have to buy some more then. Until then I am out of luck!
One morning Jingle was found sprawled out on the floor reading our Christmas books. Another morning he tied himself to the ceiling fan and was flying around the room. Silly Jingle!
Hunter who is 9 I THINK still believes in Santa even though he's told me Jingle is just a toy and he knows it's me who's moving him each night. He's questioning Santa, he's made different comments but in the end he usually says something about Santa being real. I'm pretty sure this will be his last year experiencing the magic and innocence of Christmas that Santa brings to the season. It saddens me this day has finally come. Madelyn is 8 and still believes in Santa and believes that Jingle is real too. If she's questioning she has kept them to herself. I hope I can have one more year with her. Emily who is 6 is making the season fun. She whole heartedly believes in Santa and Jingle. She wants to take Jingle to school with her for show and tell. Brayden is three this year. He likes Jingle and enjoys seeing what he's done but it's Emily that brings it to his attention. With out Emily I don't think Brayden would care. Brayden is however excited for Santa to come. Emily has told him that Santa will bring anything he wants even stuff that mom won't buy you like a camera for her. He's decided he wants a SpiderMan house and is quick to tell anyone who asks what he want's. I sure hope Santa's listening and the kids will be suprised  come Christmas morning.


katielyn said...

How fun with Jingle and Santa! Bummer about the camera! (I love how mine is rechargeable, so batteries aren't an issue.) I can't wait for the boys to be old enough to enjoy Christmas with us.