Sunday, October 29, 2017

She's 5!

And just like that, in just a blink of an eye she turns 5.
My baby is 5!

Instead of pancakes she requested crepes from her Dad.
Of course we had to have real whip cream to top it off! 

Kylie's birthday fell on Memorial Weekend this year. Our family was crazy busy and I ran out of time to make a fun cake. My Brother Matt wanted to get together for a family bbq that day so we brought purple cupcakes to share.  

Kylie was thrilled with her favorite color of cupcakes. I sure love this little girl of mine. 
To be honest, I'm not looking forward to when school starts. She is going to be in half day kindergarten all week long. What am I going to do without her????
Happy Birthday Love Bug!!

Preschool Graduation

My baby graduated from Preschool. I can't believe this is MY baby!

Kylie is my girl, she loves being home with mom. She's my little helper. She helps me fold clothes and put them a way. She clears the table and helps load the dishwasher. She loves washing dishes. She likes to sweep and have me hold the dust pan for her! She loves to make cookies and help me get dinner ready I love snuggling on the couch and reading stories to her. We paint our nails in fun colors and enjoy each others company. We are quite the team and oh how I miss her when she's gone during the day. But this mom needed to start cutting the apron strings. Cause' this little one did not like being away from Mom. It took Kylie a few drop offs to preschool without tears but she did it! After the first 2 weeks being a way from Mom for 2.5 hrs a day 2 times a week she decided she liked preschool and it was o.k to go. 

This is Miss Lori. We really love this woman who was patient and kind and taught Kylie everything she needed to know to start Kindergarten.   

Preschool Graduation was held outside at the park. The kids sang songs, recited the alphabet and showed us what they had learned all year long. 

Such a cutie, singing to me! 

When her name was called she walked "down the isle" and was given her Preschool memory book. It is full of pictures of Kylie at different school functions, drawings and writings that Kylie made, and projects she did.  

Why do they have to grow up?
I love her baby face! I can't believe she's almost 5. 

My favorite picture of the evening.
Kylie and her dad! 

You did good tonight beautiful!
So glad preschool was success for you! 
Sure love you!

Baseball Season

Another baseball season has come and gone.
Hunter chose not to play this year but Brayden was finally ready to give it a go. 
He says he had fun but doesn't like to run. He's not sure if he wants to do it again next season.  

My handsome little man. 

Swing, batta batta swing!! 

Glad he had a good season even if he doesn't like to run!

Brayden's Baptism

My little man finally had his "big" day. 
He was so, so excited to be baptized!
I found this figure 8 rock with Emily and just had to take Brayden to get his picture taken in it too!
I just love it!

This kid loves me taking his pictures. He's always asking if I have my camera out to take his picture when he's dressed up, or riding his bike, or doing something "cool" in his mind. When he smiles his face gets all squinty, squishable and kissable.  

This is my favorite picture!
It just says it all... 

When his big day arrived we used the whole family.
We had a special musical number done by Madelyn, Hunter and friends.
These 3 girls, Lindy, Secoya and Madelyn sang Remember The Promise (my favorite baptism song). 

Hunter played his cello during the musical number 

and Nate was the accompanist. These teenagers did such a good job! 
Emily was the chorister, Aunt Sheri gave the talk on baptism and Grandpa Christensen gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. 

Finally the big moment had arrived!

Following the baptism we invited everyone over to my parents backyard for lunch. 
Jason, Sheri, Madelyn, Secoya (friend), Emily, Hanna, Becca (friend)

Grandma Christensen, Miranda, Jonathan, Camille 

Dylan(friend), Jamie, Brionney, David (friend), GG Pa. 

Waiting in line for the yummy food. 

It was such a wonderful day. So thankful that we were able to celebrate with Brayden who made his first covenant with his Heavenly Father surrounded by family and friends. 

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Brayden turns 8

My little man turned 8!!
He was so excited for this birthday.
This guy loves pancakes. He wanted 8 stacked pancakes with milk in our birthday goblet. He is such a laid back and easy minded child. He is so easily pleased. I love this little man.

Brayden wanted a bike for his birthday. Love his smile! 

Madelyn made him a cute candy gram poster! 
So fun... 

We had a late dinner so opted out of dessert. His big birthday party is this weekend and he will have his special cake then. 
Brayden is always so full of life. He's a happy and loving little guy. He's quick to give me hugs. I love on Saturday mornings how he comes running in and climbs into bed with us to "snuggle" his mom. Oh how I am going to miss these moments.  Brayden enjoys reading books but they have to be about bugs, spiders or animals. The bigger, the scarier or the most poisonous the better. He still enjoys playing with his army men, riding his bike, legos and of course XBox. 
Happy Birthday My Little Man!!
I love you.