Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hunter's last Pinewood Derby

This past week we participated in our last Pinewood Derby, at least for the next 3 years.
Hunter came in 1st place his 1st year and 2nd place his 2nd year. This year being his last he decided he didn't care if his car was the fastest but he wanted the coolest. I think he succeeded. With all the hype still going on over the newly released Disney movie, Frozen, he chose to make Olaf. Dad was thrilled to help.

Here they are a few hours before the big event. Waiting for Olaf to dry and messing with the wheels.

Here they are at the church making last minute adjustments.

His car ended up being 4oz. too heavy. 
So they spent a few minutes drilling out some of the added lead. 

His car was definitely the best looking car.

On your mark, get set, go.......

His car wasn't the fastest in fact it was the slowest but it was coolest and the most cheered for car. 

Yeah for Hunter!! He still had a fun night.

Our treats for the night consisted of apple cars, oreo spare tires, pretzel axles and chip spare tires.

Brayden's favorite treats for the night was the apple/grape cars. 
They taste even better when they make noise. 

Every boy received a Derby Cup full of chocolate treats!

This month Hunter received more awards.
 He's been working on a few belt loops, his favorites to earn. 

Good Job Hunter! 

 Hunter enjoyed his last pinewood derby as a Cub Scout.
Can't believe this boy of mine is about to graduate from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.
Where has the time gone?

Volley Ball

Volleyball has begun for Miss Madelyn!
Volleyball starts in 4th grade and she is so excited that she can play this year. 
 She's been practicing for a few weeks now and has had 3 games so far. 

She's really enjoying herself and the love of the game.

There were so many girls that signed up this year that there are two teams in her age group. It's nice having only 8 kids per team (6 are always on the court) so that these young ladies get plenty of playing time.

She loves serving and does pretty well at it. She loves being able to score points for her team. 

Anyone know how to remove the butt that popped into my picture last second?????

St. Patrick's Day 2014

Twas the day before St. Patrick's Day and boy were we blessed with a sunny day. Haven't seen another sunny day since but it's almost Spring right???
After church my kids spent a few hours preparing their leprechaun traps.

We had temperatures in the high 50's. With the sun shining on us it felt like summer! Wanting to take advantage of this sunny day a few kids decided to paint their traps outside.

Brayden decided to use a birthday hat. He covered his with sticky foam letters.

Emily chose to paint her used ice cream bucket a golden color to help attract that sneaky leprechaun.

We had been in sunny St. George earlier in the week so I had pulled out some short sleeved shirts for the baby. When the girls changed her out of her Sunday dress they dressed her in one of her new "summer time" shirts. 

It seems like all I get lately from this little love bug is a scrunched up face or a serious one.

Emily with her final contraption.

Madelyn and hers.

Brayden used legos for his stairs. When the leprechaun reaches for that gold shiny bell the stairs will break and he'll fall inside!

Hunter though he was too old for this fun but in the end decided to join too. He filled his trap with all sorts of gold shiny objects.

It was like Christmas Eve for my kiddo's. They had the hardest time going to bed and woke up much earlier than usual. That sneaky leprechaun got away but left everyone their very own Starburst package in their traps. It was decided this was what he used to escape. This year we were left with a new fun table cloth covered in green caramel suckers and a case of soda pop.We must not drink/buy soda often enough as this was the BEST thing the leprechaun has EVER left before!!

My kids were on a sugar high as they left for school all dressed up in green.

Kylie was still sleeping during the morning chaos and Hunter had a little accident. During his baseball practice he had hurt his arm and had asked to wrap it up in an ace bandage. Kory has a few essential oil's and so I thought we'd try a mending one on his arm. He must have gotten some of oils on his fingers and when he rubbed his eyes they started to burn. He of course did this while I was trying to take a "almost" family kid picture. Maybe next year....

It was a great day filled with green foods as per our tradition's.We had green egg's and pudding for breakfast. Followed by a green alfredo sauce over noodles, green dinner rolls and green jello for dinner.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hunter's 5th grade play

It seems like when I was a child we had the D.A.R.E (drug free) program at school during 5th grade.  It might not be D.A.R.E in our elementary school but Hunter has learned a lot this year about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  Thursday Hunter and his class performed in front of the whole school. I was there to watch but had to leave after Kylie threw up all over herself twice. Thankfully later that night our whole family had another opportunity to watch him perform. I can't say it enough. They did an AWESOME job. A week later my younger kids are still singing some of the songs. 

"I pledge to live a drug free life because I want to be happy and healthy. I will say no to alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs and yes to my own self worth. I will encourage my friends to join me and to stand up for what is right. "

Forever free. That's what I'll be. This is my solemn vow. I will stand tall, not fall, fight for....

Forever free. That's what I'll be. I will stand tall, not fall, be strong...

Forever free. My destiny. I've got the power now...
I won't let anyone stand in my way.
Forever free I'll be!

The music was outstanding! The kids have been practicing for months and it really showed. They had the words to all the songs and the dancing down perfectly!

Hunter had several lines to memorize over these past few weeks. 

Every single child did an amazing job on their parts.

For a group of 10-11 year old boys and girls they were amazing. The program was about 45 minutes long and not once did I look at the clock wondering how much longer. My girls and Brayden had seen it earlier that day and were excited to see it again. I was a little worried about Brayden getting bored but they seemed to keep his attention the 2nd time too. I wish I had been able to video record it so that Hunter could watch it. They did so well. 

I really hope this class learned and took to heart about the danger of drugs and alcohol. I hope each and every one of them will keep there vow and remain drug free! This class is so awesome and they have endless possibilities. I am saddened to know that Hunter won't continue to grow up with this great group of friends that he has made over the past few years we've lived in the area. These kids will be missed!
Great job Hunter!!!

Emily's 1st Basketball Season

The last of our Junior Jazz Season.
Basketball is officially over for our family!
This year was Emily's 1st year to play basketball. Her team consisted of all 1st & 2nd graders from her school. Her and cousin Rachel (These girls are two days apart.) were the only girls on the team. 

These kids had practice after school every Wednesday for a month. During the 5th week they had practice followed by their one and only game. Before the game their coach was having them pass the ball back and forth while sitting. Emily did a little cheer every time her partner caught the ball. 

Love this look. 
Is she afraid of the ball?

She's getting better and better at dribbling. 

 She loved her turns throwing the ball in.

And.....she caught the pass!

She caught it again.

 So proud of you Miss Emily!
She played a wonderful game. She ran fast, was quick on her feet, made a basket and stole the ball.
She was so excited that her team won by 10 points!

During her game Dad was at work, the older kids were at friends so it was just Miss Kylie and Mom cheering her on. Couldn't help but snap a few picts. of this cutie pie.