Monday, September 23, 2019

Emily is 13

My kids just keep having birthday's!
This beautiful young lady is now 13. Oh how time is flying by. This cute girl love german egg balls for breakfast. So that's what she got with  fresh raspberries and cream to go on top. 

Her birthday fell on a Sunday this year. 

After church she was able to open her gifts. 

She asked for and received some new shirts and a sweater. She is so ready for Fall! She also got her very own curling iron, a super hero pajama, make up, scrunchies, candy and Halloween d├ęcor she gets to paint and modge podge. This girl loves doing crafts!

Emily is in 7th grade this year. She plays the flute, loves PE and loves being a PE Aid at school even more. She loves the Percy Jackson series and loves attending YW. She enjoys being outside, riding bikes, rip sticks or just going on walks. We love you sweet girl!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Pack Meeting

Brayden wasn't looking forward to tonight's Cub Scout Pack Meeting. But in the end we all had a good time. We are definitely looking forward to the changes next year will bring. Instead of scouts Brayden will be attending Activity Days. 

Tonight the boys were having a car race. They were asked to make their own box car. 
Here's Brayden's drivers license. 

Brayden made a tank that shoots balls.  

Boys were to run around the gym 4 times. But in-between each lap they had to stop at the pit stop for some maintenance. The boys families were the workers in the pit spot. The 1st stop we had to wash their windows. Each boy was wearing a pair of glasses that we got to wash real fast and send them back out on their road. The 2nd stop was to refill the gas tank. Boys had to drink a juice box. The 3rd stop was changing their tires. Boys had to take their shoes and socks off. We flipped the socks inside out, put them back on the boys feet and then their shoes. Then off they went for their last lap. It was fun.

Brayden made his own box and did a fantastic job. 

Brayden borrowed one of his dads small Makita blowers. He taped a shipping tube to it and wrapped it in camo wrapping paper. It shot his balls far. Once the organized game was over Brayden let the other boys have a turn with his canon. 
Good Job Brayden