Wednesday, April 27, 2011

He's Two!

It's official. At 8:21 tonight Brayden turned 2. Hunter has told me all day that he's not 2 until it's the time that he was born. What memories come back to me when I think about what was happening exactly 2years ago. Kory had already left the hospital to pick our kids up from friends. He had taken them home and put them to bed. He then went to bed and didn't know that I was trying to get a hold of him but he wasn't hearing the phone ring. The doctor, the nurses and I knew something was wrong but we didn't know what it was yet. He couldn't breathe well, he was hooked up to an oxygen mask, he was getting ready to be sent down to x-ray and then soon would have an MRI. Now 2 years later I'm glad to be where we are and not where we were 2 years ago. Brayden with his present's.

Opening gifts.

One of the kids caught his attention before the camera clicked. He had a HUGE smile on his face when he saw his ducks.

He loves puzzles.

He likes to push the button on these Little People construction trucks that make the balls roll out.

I think Hunter had more fun playing with the Mr. Potato Head tonight then Brayden did.

The cake!

No! I did not make my 2 year old a 3 tiered cake.

It's actually all styrofoam. Last night we had a ward party and my mom signed up to bring a Texas Sheet cake. We had lots left over so I thought I'd serve that instead of making him a cake.

It wasn't a bad idea. I just couldn't do it. I've wanted to make a cake like this for many months and thought I'd do it for his birthday. Besides the wedding cake I haven't made a 3 tiered cake and I've wanted to. I love the way it turned out. Plus it's one more idea of what I can do for my cake portfolio.

Brayden eating the sheet cake. But with that awsome cake right beside him who has to know?

Facts about our new 2 year old

1. Favorite food-pancakes for breakfast and rice for dinner.

2. Favorite toy- plastic pig

3. Favorite book- Messy Molly (about a pig trying to stay clean all day long)

4. Favorite word- No Way!

5.Favorite thing to do- feed the pigs

6. Favorite animal- can you guess yet? A PIG!

7.Favorite movie- Ice Age

8.Favorite candy- M&M's

9.Favorite snack- cheese stick

10.Favorite Nursery Ryhme- The 3 Little Piggies

11. Favorite Song- 5 Little Monkeys Swinging In The Tree

Brayden has quite the personality. He's starting to tattle a lot. He gets so frusturated when things don't go his way. He throws his arms to his sides in frusturation, he tells me which sibling is bothering him and then what they did with his very dramatic actions and of course he does this with huge crocodile tears running down his chubby cheeks. I love it when he does this. I can just eat him up.

Brayden loves Nursery. During sacrament he will keep repeating nursery and try to escape. A few weeks ago Kory let him out of the isle just to see what he'd do. He went straight for the drinking fountain and then to class. He was NOT happy he couldn't go to class yet.

He loves animals, all animals. It all started the year he was born with our chickens. He couldn't walk yet but he'd crawl himself to the chicken door and then sit and cry until someone would open the door so he could see those chickens. His fascintation has moved from chickens to pigs. When he goes outside to play he heads straight for the pigs pen. He's learning the names of animals. He now has several books with all different kind of animals. He will sit for a very long time trying to name all the animals in the book. This is good when I want him to sit still for a while. However this in not good when these books are brought to church becuase EVERYONE can hear him naming the animals and sharing with us what sound it makes. He has NOT mastered the art of whispering yet.

My favorite thing about Brayden is his unconditional love. Whether I've gone to the grocery store or have been at work all day when he sees me get home he runs to me calling my name. When I scoop down to pick him up he gives me the best hugs. I love the feel of his chubby little arms wrapped around my neck. Following the hugs are his kisses. He is such a sweet little boy.

We are so blessed to have Brayden part of our family. I'm very thankful that despite his rough start at life he isnow a healthy happy toddler. We love him very much.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy.

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Day is next week for us. I am Hunter's room mom this year and so am in charge of decorating the class room door and coming up with a gift for his teacher. I finally decided how I want to decorate the class room door but can't do it until Friday after school and then my gift needs to be ready on Monday. Knowing this day was coming up I've been searching for some unique gift ideas. Being everything is coming out of my pocket book I needed to be careful too. Several weeks ago I stumbled upon this idea here and new that I'd have to copy it.

It was pretty easy and fit my pocket book.

I bought this clock for about $4 at Wal Mart.

I then gathered different "school" supplies I had lying around the house and in the junk drawer.

I put it all together and created this....
I love it!
I think they turned out great. I only had to do one but when Madelyn saw a picture of what I wanted to replicate she wanted one for her teacher too.
This project, making 2 clocks for two different teachers cost less than $10.
That's my kind of gift.

Christensen Family Pictures

This past weekend with everyone home we had family pictures taken.

This is the Christensen Clan.

Mom &Dad, My siblings w/spouses, siblings without spouses and all the grandkids.

Thats 12 adults and 9 kids.L- Kory and I with our kids, brother Jonathan and Camille with there 3 kids, brother Matt, Dad and Mom, sister Hanna, brother Travis and Christina with Elena, sister Sheri and Jason with Jamie.
Here's our goofy pict. Everyone wearing a pair of sunglasses except for MY 2 year old who REFUSED!

I love this picture because it's so not normal. You can't see up close and personal but I love that each sibling with their own family is on there own rock but still a big family picture.

Just something different!

Grandma and Grandpa with all 9 grandkids.

Back Row: Noah and Madelyn

Next Row: Hunter and Elena

Grandma and Grandpa

Front Row: Carlaya, Mya,Brayden, Emily and Jamie

Grandkids by themselves.

A sibling picture.

Tina, Hanna, Sheri, Mom, Dad, Travis, Matt, Jonathan

My sweet family.

I love how Madelyn has her arms wrapped around her brother and sister.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter morning the kiddo's woke up to find their Easter Basketts filled with Goodie's. The Easter Bunny brought some neccesties this year. Last week Hunter came to me in his underware and complained that they must be shrinking cause they're getting too tight. I told him I'd start looking into getting him some new ones but I really didn't think too much of it. The next day just happened to be my laundry day. While folding clothes I was reminded of his complaints and thought to look at what size his current undies were so that I'd make sure I'd get the right size. I was appalled to see the majority of the sizes were 3/4. He had 3 pairs that were 5/6. Seriously! He's 8 now! No wonder they were filling a LITTLE tight. He was thrilled to see the new underware, a book, a package of sport silly bands and some treats. After the undie issue with Hunter I inspected Madelyn's panties. I had forgotten that just a few months ago I had found a large package of panties for her on clearance and had given them to her. I was pleased to see they were a size 6/7. Since she didn't need any more panties the Easter Bunny brought her some new church socks, a book, girly silly bands and some treats too.
Brayden got a book about one of his favorite songs he likes to sing, 5 Little Speckled Frogs and a few treats. Once he discovered there was candy in those eggs there was no stopping him!

Emily also recieved a new package of church socks, a book, some treats and her very own package of silly bands. Now she doesn't have to rely on her big brother and sister to share theres with her.

Before we got ready for church we had the kids line up on the back porch for a big easter egg hunt with each other.

On your mark.... get set.... go!

Madelyn and Emily

Mommy helping Brayden.

Once he discovered there was more candy in those eggs he didn't want to go search for more. He'd find and egg, open it, eat it and then go searching for more.


This was Hunter's favorite egg he found. High up in the Apricot tree.

Uncle Matt tried to help Brayden stay on task by finding the eggs first and then eating what was inside.

My brother Jonathan and his baby girl Mya.

Sister in law Christina helping Elena fill her baskett.

Madelyn with cousin Carlaya.

Cousin Noah.

Another egg for Madelyn!

A baskett full!

After the egg hunt the kids spent some time playing outside together. There's just a little weight difference between these boys. Cousin Noah was helping them on the teeter-totter.

And of course the slide.

Matt reported his mission at church on suday. Since we had a lot of family come to this big event we only attended Sacrament Meeting so that we could feed everyone and allow them to get back on the road again. Jamie walked in from church with us downstairs. When I got inside I went immediately to change my clothes so I could help get dinner on. When I came out a few minutes later I found Brayden sharing his treats with his cousin.

It's no wonder neither one of them ate there dinner.

We had such a good weekend with all our family in town. Everyone came home and it was great visiting with one another. Now that everyone's gone the house is much quiter but I miss em' already.

Almost "2"

Brayden's birthday is in 2 days and Jamie's is in 15 days. Last year Sheri and I wanted to get together and thow a big 1 year old party but we just couldn't get together with the distance between us. This year, distance was not an issue. Being all of our family was in town this weekend we threw the joint birthday party then. Both boys play with cars but Jamie is very much into cars. He was in awe of the fondant car on his cupcake. Jamie blowing out his candles.
Brayden blowing his candles out.

As I mentioned Jamie LOVED the fondant and took Brayden's car and anyone elses that didn't mind giving there's up.

The birthday car cup cakes.

My colors didn't darken as much as I'd like but overall I was pleased.

After cake they each opened ther gifts.

It was fun to watch the difference with these 2. Brayden had to fight to open his gifts as his big sisters and brother wanted to *help*. Jamie on the other hand didn't have any of the extra help and was able to open them all by himself.

Thanks to all who came and helped participate. We had help barbequing, bringing food to share, the setting up of tables and chairs and all the gifts that were given. In the end we had 2 very happy little boys.

We love you guys!