Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Slip n' Slide..

We have grass to play on here in Hurricane, Utah ....
This is cousin Carlaya who is 4 months older than Maddie.

What more needs to be said then the slip n' slide was a big hit.

Bridal Shower

This weekend we went to LasVegas. My brother Travis who is stationed in Iraq is home for 2 weeks. He and his wife Chrisina (whom we have never met) was able to meet us in Vegas for a few days. My sister Sheri is engaged so she and her fiance Jason also met us in Vegas for a big family picture. We had 17 in all. I have tried posting this picture but for some reason it won't post.

With my sister getting married in 19 days (I'm not counting but she sure is.) we have something everyweekend. I didn't want to miss out on all the fun so the kids and I are now in Hurricane, Utah for the next 3 weeks.

While in Vegas my sister-in-law and I threw Sheri a bridal Shower.
Many friends from Henderson, Nevada came to support Sheri.

Sheri is doing her kitchen in red. She was so excited to recieve a baking set in red.

Whats a shower without a little lingerie.

Future husband Jason was overlooking the shower. His favorite???? The blue silky nightie.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Swimming Day 1

Last thursday 2 friends and I took all 11 kids between us to the Chino Valley Pool.

I had no idea we had something like this in our area. Madelyn had the most fun. She really enjoyed swim crawling through the water.

Emily learned pretty quickly how to crawl through the water with her big sister. My two girls had a blast.

Hunter had fun running around with his friends. He's a little to daring for me. I lost track of him for what I thought was just a second. When I spotted him he was ready to join the crowd to slide down the water slide. Luckily a life guard saw what he was about to do and pulled him aside. To Hunter's disapointment you have to be 48'' to go down. A parent can not go with him or be at the bottom to catch him. My big boy is only 38". Oh well. He had a good time anyway.

This is my sister Hanna who has been staying with us for almost 3 weeks now. She's been a great help with the kids. It was great having another pair of eyes trying to keep track of the other 10 young children.

More swim pictures from the Chino Valley Pool...

Swimming Day 2

Friday we had a Lunch n' Mingle on the church grass. What fun my little munchkins had.

Once again the water slides where up and running. These are Hunter's favorite. Everytime we tell Hunter it's time to go to church he goes looking for his swim suit (even of on sundays).

It was quite warm outside and made another perfect day for water play.

Besides the water slides there were plenty of water guns to go around. Hunter being quite the tease enjoyed shooting at the girls.

Even Hanna had a great time. There was plenty of water and food to go around.

Emily enjoyed stuffing her face with all the watermelon she could eat.

Swimming Day 3

Satuday morning we all headed to Mesa. Kory and Matt wanted to check out the new Bass Pro Shop and then on to Uncle Richies for an afternoon swim.

Kory doesn't care to much for swimming but eventually he joined the rest of us.

Hunter loved his new .99 cent floaties. He's like a little fish. He was all over the pool. Maddie wasn't quite so brave but she to enjoyed not having to be carried around.

Even Emily enjoyed her time in the water.

As long as Mommy or Daddy was in sight she did good in her little floatie device.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Monsoon Season

I love the monsoon season. I enjoy playing in the rain with my children. Yesterday I looked out the window and discovered that it was raining. I called the kids and told them it was time to go play in the rain. I opened the front door and remembered that all we have is dirt. We don't have a driveway or any cement we can play in the rain on. So what is usually a bunch of wet clothes that will dry, became a big muddy mess.
Maddie didn't want to get her hair wet. (What a girl !)
Even little Emily enjoyed the rain. This is my sister Hanna who is staying with me for a few weeks. She wasn't to sure about playing in the rain but we were able to talk her into joing us.
I do believe that Hunter had the most fun.