Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Swimming Day 1

Last thursday 2 friends and I took all 11 kids between us to the Chino Valley Pool.

I had no idea we had something like this in our area. Madelyn had the most fun. She really enjoyed swim crawling through the water.

Emily learned pretty quickly how to crawl through the water with her big sister. My two girls had a blast.

Hunter had fun running around with his friends. He's a little to daring for me. I lost track of him for what I thought was just a second. When I spotted him he was ready to join the crowd to slide down the water slide. Luckily a life guard saw what he was about to do and pulled him aside. To Hunter's disapointment you have to be 48'' to go down. A parent can not go with him or be at the bottom to catch him. My big boy is only 38". Oh well. He had a good time anyway.

This is my sister Hanna who has been staying with us for almost 3 weeks now. She's been a great help with the kids. It was great having another pair of eyes trying to keep track of the other 10 young children.


Jonathan & Camille's Family said...

10 kids!! You two are crazy! At least you had Hanna with you. Looks like a fun pool to have around.....