Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning

Emily woke up at 4:15am Christmas Morning needing to use the bathroom. Being we shut the girls bedroom door she woke Maddie up so she could get out. Both girls walked right by the family room were Santa had delivered his gifts, got drinks and then came into our bedroom to tell us Emily needed the bathroom. Daddy helped Emily do her thing and then everyone crawled back into our bed. Emily started talking, not about anything impatitular but she just wouldn't be quiet. The girls didn't mention Santa at all. In the past Emily has done this before. We call it her early morning chatter. She usually talks and giggles for 30-45min. and then she'll fall asleep again. After about 15 minutes of this Kory and I decided we might as well get up. It was obvious Emily wasn't going to quit anytime soon. We were thinking that she probably wouldn't fall asleep until after 5a.m and then Hunter would probably wake up at 6 which is when he usually wakes up. We didn't want to be awake listening to chatter for 45min. to fall asleep for 45min just to be woken up again. So at 4:45 we were all in the front room discovering what Santa had brought. Emily was quite excited about her "2" babies. She wasn't to thrilled with having to wait on Daddy to unstrap the many ties so that she could hold them. Santa brought Maddie the Mariposa Barbie with beautiflul wings along with a jumbo size coloring book.

Santa brought Hunter a jumbo size coloring book along with a big dinoaur. The dinosaur roars and turns his head when a button is pushed. Hunter wasn't to excited with what Santa brought last year so I was glad to hear him say, "that's what I've always wanted" when he saw the dinosaur.

As most of you know we love playing games. So this year I bought a game for each of the kids. My brother had our name this year and sent us an additonal 5 games. Needles to say we have been quite busy these past few days playing new games.
Emily with all of her goodies.

Maddie with her goodies.

Hunter with his goods.

We had a wonderful Christmas morning with the kids. Everything was opened by 6 and some of us were then able to take a nap. Or maybe it's just called going back to bed. The past 2 years it seems someone has been sick by Christmas morning, thankfully this year we are all still healthy. We tried to keep the gifts very simple this year. We feel like we succeded, which is such a good feeling. We gave each of the kids 3 gifts, a puzzle, a movie and 1 toy. Santa brought a toy and then a jumbo coloring book for each of the kids. On top of that they each received gifts from Aunts and Uncles and of course Grandma's and Grandpa's. In the end they had plenty to open and play with. This year didn't end with the feeling we spent way too much money or that we over did it with the gifts. I hope next year will out similar to this year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Oranges

Earlier this week when my camera decided not to work we made several goodie bags and took them to friends and primary teachers. Since then I've been debating if we should do something for our neighbors. Several weeks ago we had the sister missionaries over for dinner. We accepted their challenge to get to know our neighbors and eventually talk to them about the gospel. Since then we've done NOTHING! Then the other night I was flipping through the Ensign for January 2009. After reading the very 1st article, I decided we should do something for our neighbors this Christmas season but what? So last night it hit me. The Orange Story about the little boy in the orphanage. He looks forward all year long for his orange on Christmas Day. On accident he trapes mud into the home and is punished by the loss of his orange. He has a horrible Christmas Day. That night after his prayers he climbs into bed and he feels somebody giving him something in the dark. When he opens his hand he discovers a different looking orange. Each of the other 10 orphanges took 1 piece of their orange and created an whole orange for him. I've always loved this story. I figured this story would be perfect to give to our neighbors. So this morning on Christmas Eve I took my children to battle the crowds at the grocery store and bought oranges. I printed the Orange Story onto paper and Emily helped me tie them up

The kids put oranges into the goodie bags for me.

We then connected the story to the bag of oranges. Tonight after dinner we will be delivering them to everyone on our street. Hopefully this will be the start to changing our, waving at each other as we drive by relationship, with our neighbors.

It is Christmas Eve but better late then never.

Santa's Letters

My children didn't have the opportunity to see Santa this year. Santa surprised everyone when he came to the ward party but we were in Utah for Uncle Klynt's wedding. Earlier last week I went to Fry's one evening all by myself since Kory was home. Guess who was there? Santa of course. The one time I don't have my kids with me Santa decides to show up. So to make sure Santa knows what everyone is hoping for we wrote letters. Surprise, Surprise! Santa wrote back.

They were so excited to see what Santa had to say they couldn't wait for Emily to wake up from her nap. Which explains why Emily is not around. She's still a little young to understand all the excitement that came from the letters this year. Santa told each of them to continue to be good little boys and girls. If they do he'll bring them a special surprise.

Gingerbread Houses

OOPS!! I downloaded the picts backwards. We have all been busy the past week or two getting ready for Christmas. Last week I had Hunter's class party to do. It was fun but I'm glad it's over. Sometime last week we helped the kids make their annual gingerbread houses. This was mommy and Emily's house.
Hunter is quite proud of his. For some reason I didn't get his finished product picture.

Same with Maddie. I know I took the pictures but they didn't download and since then I've erased the picts so this is all I've got. We turned ice cream cones upside down and made them into trees.

Emily's favorite part was all the candy she got. Mom and Dad were too busy helping the other kids to notice that she downed 2 bowls of candy. She was very lucky she didn't get a stomach ache that night.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

1st Ultrasound

Today I had my 1st ultrasound for baby #4. It's a Boy!!!
We are very excited as this is what we were hoping for.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

1st Dance Recital

Yesterday was Maddies 1st Dance Recital. Her 1st performance took place at Bucky's Casino in the lobby at 11am. She's pretty dramatic at home but while she danced it was even more evident. She had fun dancing for the crowd. After she performed her 3 little numbers everyone was invited to decorate gingerbread men provided by the casino.

When the gingerbread men were decorated we headed off to Pioneer Homes which is a Senior Citizen assisted living home. I had no idea how large this facility was. There were 3 floors and when the performance started I bet there was easily 100+ people watching. It was so much fun to watch our little girl perform. When it was all over she wanted to go someplace else and perform again. Performing 2 times in one day just wasn't enough. I am so glad she has had fun the past few months learning little dance routines. Dance is over until the end of January. I've been debating whether to put her in again or not. After yesterday I think the decision is made to do it again.

Maddie's Dance Photos

This past friday I took Maddie to a dear friends house for a little photo shoot in her dance costume. April did a wonderful job.

2 of the other Dancing Darlings came to join in the fun. These 3 girls are best of friends. Not only are they in the same dance class but they are also in the same preschool. They get to see each other 3 times a week.

Looking at these pictures of my little girl bring tears to my eyes. She's growing up too quickly. It's hard to believe she'll be turning 5 this upcoming year and beginning Kindergarten. I am so thankful we have been blessed to have such a sweet little spirit in our home. I can't imagine life with out her. I love you Maddie.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Tree...

For family home evening this week we put up our Christmas Tree. Coming home this past weekend from Utah we brought with us many gifts from Grandma's, Aunts and Cousins. We had to put them somewhere.

The kids were thrilled to help again this year.

Even Emily got into the festivities.

Maddie wouldn't look at me while taking the picts. She was too interested in decorating the tree.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nursing Cover

Isn't it cute fabric. It reminds me of my sister Sheri who's due date is 2 days after mine. Sorry girl this one's not for you. But I will make you one.

I've seen these on the internet lately. Generally they are called Hooter Covers (can't stand the name) or a Busom Buddy. They retail for about $40-45. I've seen them on Etsy for about $20-25. They are so easy to make. It takes 1yd of fabric, 16 inch. of boning and 2 D rings. The fabric cost me $2.00 from Wal Mart, the boning was $.22 and the D rings were $1.49 (4 came in a pack). So for one Nursing Cover it cost me about $3.00. I love great finds like this. I wish at the moment I had a nursing baby to see how well it works. In the meantime I'm just going to have to believe everyone elses comments that this will come in handy. This cover slips over your head and you use the fabric through the D rings to tighten it. The boning in the front makes the fabric curve out a little so you can see the baby underneath and be able to fix yourself when the baby's done eating without flashing everyone. I've nursed all of my children and all of them hate to be covered with a blanket, they end up pulling it off. This makes it a little hard to feed the little munchkins in public without a blanket.

My sister-in law is due the end of Jan. Being we will see her this weekend I think I'll give it to her as a gift. We've had 3 babies born in the last 6 mo. with 9 more women due all by July. I think I've found myself a new gift to give for all the upcoming showers we will be having. You can't beat a $3.00 gift that takes me about an hour to make.

Thanksgiving 08'

For thanksgiving this year my parents and sister Hanna came to be with us. Kory's brother is getting married this coming weekend in Utah and we decided we didn't want to make 2 trips to Utah back to back. It was great having family come to us for some of the holiday. Several weekends ago we took the kids on a hike and collected pinecones for future projects. The above is suppose to be a turkey if you couldn't tell.

I've always done projects pretty regularly with the kids. Being I've got 2 in school I haven't been doing so many. I should start doing more again because Emily loves making things. Just like her older siblings did at her age. Emily loved gluing pom poms around her pinecone.

Both Maddie and Hunter's favorite was dribbling puff paint all over. Unfortunately I didn't get a very good picture of them so the turkey will have to do.

Besides the paint they had pom poms, feathers and lots and lots of glitter to choose from.

The kids kept Grandma busy reading them stories.

Hunter taught Grandpa how to play the Wii. Grandpa is not much into games but he sure played them all weekend. Besides the Wii several board games were also played. Grandpa has a big smile on his face. I think he enjoyed himself. Hunter had a blast being able to *teach* his Grandpa something.

While Hanna was here I helped her make an upcoming Christmas present. I didn't take a picture of the finished project because I don't want to spoil the suprise. But WOW!! Hanna did a great job. It turned out very, very nice. Good job Hanna.