Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nursing Cover

Isn't it cute fabric. It reminds me of my sister Sheri who's due date is 2 days after mine. Sorry girl this one's not for you. But I will make you one.

I've seen these on the internet lately. Generally they are called Hooter Covers (can't stand the name) or a Busom Buddy. They retail for about $40-45. I've seen them on Etsy for about $20-25. They are so easy to make. It takes 1yd of fabric, 16 inch. of boning and 2 D rings. The fabric cost me $2.00 from Wal Mart, the boning was $.22 and the D rings were $1.49 (4 came in a pack). So for one Nursing Cover it cost me about $3.00. I love great finds like this. I wish at the moment I had a nursing baby to see how well it works. In the meantime I'm just going to have to believe everyone elses comments that this will come in handy. This cover slips over your head and you use the fabric through the D rings to tighten it. The boning in the front makes the fabric curve out a little so you can see the baby underneath and be able to fix yourself when the baby's done eating without flashing everyone. I've nursed all of my children and all of them hate to be covered with a blanket, they end up pulling it off. This makes it a little hard to feed the little munchkins in public without a blanket.

My sister-in law is due the end of Jan. Being we will see her this weekend I think I'll give it to her as a gift. We've had 3 babies born in the last 6 mo. with 9 more women due all by July. I think I've found myself a new gift to give for all the upcoming showers we will be having. You can't beat a $3.00 gift that takes me about an hour to make.


Camille said...

yeah, I've heard of the "hooter hiders". I thought the name was hilarious but tacky! I can't imagine a women came up with it...had to have been a man! LOL
I 1st saw one at Jenny's in Omaha in June. She paid over $30 for hers, but already Amber found one for lots cheaper and my mom joked that it would be easy to make herself. You could definetly sell those on ebay, craigslist or etsy!

Bunting Family said...

I LOVE the fabric! I have been making those for baby gifts and they go over really well. I can't believe that people pay $40 for them!!!

Annie Taylor said...

Very cute, you are so talented, my cousin had one of those and I had no idea what they were called-now I know. I don't always leave comments but it is fun to see what you guys are doing. The kids are getting so big. Congrats on the pregnancy. Good Luck.

lundgrenville said...

That is super cute...I will keep that in mind then next time I have a baby. :)