Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monster Toes and Project #3

Tonights Dinner was some good ole' tasting monster toes and french fries.
I sliced the potatos while the kids took some of our Haloween cookie cutters to them.
We had homemade frenchfries in all different shapes, a moon, coffin, bat and spider. The monster toes were sliced pieces of chicken breast rolled in bread crumbs with a slice of red pepper and then baked
The kids claim tonights dinner as the best so far.
The dinners this week have been fun to do but very time consuming and I'm definetly going back to the "Halloween Dinner" once a week through the month of October next year.
I'm glad there enjoying all my hard work trying to make this week memorable for them.
I sure hope they remember these times when they're older.
After dinner tonight we did project #3. We ended up eating later than I had planned and so didn't have time to do our carmel apples. Instead I pulled out our games we will be using for Hunter's class party this week. We all helped put them together.
Some a little more than others. Brayden enjoyed his siblings sitting with there back towards him. Your never safe from him if your on the ground at his level. This baby boy of ours loves to tackle!

I think his big sisters and brothers love it just as much as he does.

After the stickers were all in place we played Pumpkin Bowling and Candy Corn Toss.
Hunter's class will definetly enjoy these games.
Thanks for your help my little ones!

Mummy for Dinner

Last night for dinner I made a yummy "mummy" meatloaf.

Along with brittle finger tips dipped in ranch.
After dinner we were going to make carmel apples for our family project, but....
I had a very disobedient little boy who couldn't seem to listen or do what was asked and so
he got sent to bed early. Not wanting to be quite "that" mean I decided to wait on the project for another day. Maybe tommorrow....

My little man, Brayden seems to get hungry every night about 8:30. This little boy eats and eats and eats. He eats a good breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. I'm telling you though come 8:30 he eats more at that time then he does all day. Being he usually sleeps all night I don't mind to much. Last night was no different. He started whining and beating on the fridge for someone to come help him open it. Daddy came to the rescue, he pointed to the milk so Kory got the milk out and went to get a cup. When he turned around Brayden was pulling a box of cereal out of the cabinet. It wasn't a drink of milk he wanted but a bowl of cereal.

It was just a few minutes into his bowl of cereal that I realized his head wasnt bobbing to get the spoon into his mouth but becuase the poor kid was falling asleep.
Everytime the flash went off his eyes would open to just a slit and you could see his eyes rolling back into his head. Way "Creeepy"!
I wish I could have gotten it on video cause it was HILARIOUS to watch him bob and sway.
Being he sits at the table in a normal chair I didn't feel like I could let him bob to much or he'd fall off. Needless to say his cereal didn't get finished but he still slept good!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project #2

One of our families Halloween's traditions is for mom to make a fun Halloweeny meal once a week through the month of October. I decided to mix things up a little bit this year and instead of doing a meal once a week (which I've decided is much easier) I'd do one every night for about a week before Halloween.
For our 1st Haunting meal the kids and I made breadstick bones.
We had all sorts of shapes and sizes. We tried making a breadstick look like a severed finger/monster toe but those didn't turn out very well. They raised too much and ended up looking like an Easter Egg the kids decided.
OOPS! Wrong holiday.To go along with our Haunting Meal, I turned the mashed potato's into friendly green eyed ghost's.I LOVE the smiles and enjoyment I get from my kids over the simple things in life.
Once you get the creative side of the brain rolling it's easy to turn everday meals into a fun, festive, haunting meal. One that the whole family enjoys.
After dinner we continued with our 2nd project of our craft week.
We carved our pumpkins!
Madelyn earned a 100% on her spelling test last week and got a gift certificate to our local grocery store for one free pumpkin.
She was on cloud nine to be able to go to the grocery store by herself with me and to pick her very own pumpkin.
The kids glanced through our idea books, each picked a picture and then mom and dad helped the older 3 carve there pumpkins.Emily and Brayden seem to disapear lately when I remember to pull the camera out.
They really were participants with this activity too.
The final projects!
Hunter helped do the skeleton, Madelyn the scary jack-o-lantern and Emily the Ghost saying Boo!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Project Week

One of the blogs that I enjoy following, the mom along with all her followers dedicated last week "Week of Projects with your kids" week. Every day these moms did something "projecty" with their kids. They didn't do all the same things, it was left up to each mom to come up with something for there own family. I loved the idea. Last week being our Fabulous Friday I was a little busy preparing for that so I planned our "project week" for this upcoming week. My kids are so excited knowing they get to do a project with mom every day this week. I wanted to document our progress so I'll be better prepared next time I want to do something like this. Yesterday we started off...

Our 1st project of the week was making a "Cookie in a jar" for there school teachers.
I pulled out some Halloween scrapbook paper and stickers and let the kids get creative. When the decorating was done the kids followed the recipe and put all the dry ingredients into the jars.
The finished project!
Good job! You guys did great.

Despite their looks they really did have a good time. They were so excited to get to school this morning to give it to their teachers.
Don't they look like twins. Same facial expressions too!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Do's

Last week I stumbled across another AWSOME mom that loves to create and do different hair do's for her daughter. We are really enjoying her Halloween Do's. Madelyn comes home from school wanting to look at "that other mom's blog" to see what new hair do she did that day. Maddie loves the stuff we put in her hair.

Monday we didn't have school so we didn't do anything fancy. However for Tuesday Maddie wanted to adorn her hair with creepy crawlies.

She loved her hair so much including the boys from school that we did her hair this way on Wednesday and Thursday too.

By Friday mommy talked her into doing something else. Being a little rushed for time we settled for a skeleton.

We've been doing Emily's hair right along with her big sisters. I just didn't take any pictures of her's I guess. We'll have to change that for this week. We are making some more fun bows today to go along with this coming weeks Halloween hair do's!
If you have a little girl and want to do something fun check this website out...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Conference Weekend

A few weeks ago we had the opportuntiy to watch General Conference. During one of the talks I didn't notice that my 1 year old had gone MIA. In our pantry is were I keep a 25lb bag of flour, 25lb bag of sugar and a 25lb bag of powder sugar. All of these bags once opened do NOT seal close again. To keep them shut I use a clippie which USUALLY works well. But not when I have a 1 year old.
Little stinker here wasn't discovered until he came giggling out of the pantry to throw white powder at his parents who were sitting on the couch. He had white powder ALL over including himself.

Making messes is hard work. I found him fast asleep on grandma's rocking chair.

Elena (my niece) and Brayden are becoming the best of friends. We often find them giveing each other "loves".
However, sometimes my little man can be a litle over powering.

Maddie's lost a tooth....

About 2 weeks ago Miss Madelyn came to me so so so excited. She had her 1st loose tooth. She has been asking when she was going to have a loose tooth since Hunter lost his 1st tooth a few weeks ago. She was pretty bummed that I kept telling her it might not be until she was in 2nd grade just like Hunter. But to our amazement it didn't take that long.
Last week Madelyn thought her tooth was loose enough to pull out. She was begging me to help her pull it out. We grabbed some floss, tied it around and she started to pull.
She pulled and she pulled
and she PULLED!
But to no avail that tooth just wouldn't come out.

Talk about frusturation! Eventually she gave up. We took the floss off and told her we'd give it a few more days and try again.

This past Monday Madelyn came home from school so excited. Her tooth fell out at recess! She said that while she was playing tag she bit her teeth together and she felt it pop. She was thrilled she didn't loose it in the grass.

Monday after the kids got home from school our family headed to Cedar City to see some family friends. We ate dinner, had family home evening together and Kory using a borrowed skid steer was able to help finish some landscaping. The entire drive to Cedar, the whole night we were there and all the way home she talked about the tooth fairy. Before we left she put her tooth under her pillow. She wanted to know if the tooth fairy would have already come. I told her no, she had to be asleep 1st. Well....she fell asleep on the drive to Cedar did that count? Ummm sorry but no. But Moooomm, I haven't been home for hours maybe she came cause I'm not home. I again told her that it had to be night time and she had to be asleep on her bed.

I don't know how it happened. I really don't. With all the talk about the toothfairy I don't know how I FORGOT! My only excuse is we didn't get home until after 10, by the time I got the kids to bed and the house picked up a bit it was way way way past my bedtime. The next morning I woke up before everyone with the stomach flu. It was about 6 am and I was in the bathroom puking my guts out when I heard Madelyn standing behind me trying to talk to me. I kept telling her "just a minute" as I continued to puke. When I was able to control myself for a moment I hear her say that the tooth fairy hadn't come.
Again, how did I forget that? I asked her to give me just a moment and I'd come help her look for it for surely the tooth fairy did come. I asked her to go pick out her clothes for the day while I washed my face. As soon as she left the bathroom I ran to our room fumbling in our coin can for 2 quarters. I grabbed them and went to find my disapointed girl. Emily was no longer lying on her pillow but Madelyn's. I had Madelyn climb on her bed and lift up that pillow. Nope no money. I then picked up Emily while leaving something behind and put her back on her own pillow. Madelyn lifted her pillow up and there in the dark you could see the outline of her 2 quarters. With a huge smile on her face I left her be to run back to the toilet I ended up hovering all day.

A few minutes later she came to find me, I was puking AGAIN as she starts shoving her new money into my face. She wanted to know what one of the quarters was. Being so sick without even looking at it I sent her to find her dad for help.

The toothfairy must have gone to Australia that night. Madelyn was given a quarter and a $1 coin from Australia. She was thrilled until she learned it wasn't worth a dollar here. Kory offered to swap her a dollar of US quarters for the dollar from Austalia. She thought it was a great deal. After all it was. What was suppose to be a $.50 prize ended up being $1.25.

What makes this story even better is that when Hunter heard the tooth fairy had come he ran upstairs and with Grandma's help, being mom was to sick, tied a string around his 2nd loose tooth, he then tied the other end to the door and slammed it.

That night before he went to bed he made sure his tooth was under his pillow. When he woke up that next morning he let everyone know that the tooth fairy "jipped" him. How you might ask? To myself I was thinking at least she had remembered to come. Because she only brought him $.50 and Maddie got $1.25