Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Christensen Reunion

Over the 4th of July my Dad's side of the family had a family reunion. It just happened to take place about 6 miles from our house. Our small town decided to celebrate the 4th of July on Saturday instead of Monday. Participating in these activities was part of the reunion's activites.

Saturday morning my household was very rudely awaken by the town's fire truck. At 6 o' clock sharp that morning the fire truck drove up and down each street with it's siren's on. It lasted an entire 20 minutes. Needless to say we were all awake whether we wanted to be or not. Just a few hours later the town had it's parade.
The parade went right past our house. My dad brought his horses to participate in the parade. My Madelyn and her cousin Carlaya rode while Aunt Hanna walked beside them. The Youth in our Stake had just gotten back from Youth Conference. There theme this year was "QUEST for Christ". Each ward was assigned a story or two from the Book of Mormom that they had to re inact. These girls had a part and chose to dress there parts as part of the parade.

Emily rode a horse with Grandpa but I missed the picture. I had bought candy for the girls to fill there purses with to throw out to the watching people on the street.

More of the parade...

The finale of the parade was the fire truck. He turned on the hose and started to spray those that were watching.

Some didn't move quite fast enough and got WET WET WET!

After the parade the town had a short program at the town hall. My girls were part of the "dancing girls". I wasn't sure if Emily would participate but she did and with a great big grin on her face. Unfortunately my camera wouldn't take a good picture inside the building.

Emily holding her flag that she used as a prop. Madelyn's picture I had to take outide.

Aunt Harmony made a "sparkler" that we clipped in the girls hair.

Here they are on stage.

The girls did a great job!

Our reunion had many opprotunities to sit and visit with one another.

During the afternoon the town hosted some activities at the park that we went to .

Uncle Matt and Emily walking to the park.

Every year that we've been they've had FREE ice cream and popsicles.


One of the many FREE games at the park was a HUMONGOUS slip and slide.

The is Carlaya and Madelyn going down together holding hands.



These girls did the slip in slide over and over and over!

They had a BLAST together.

On sunday after church the WHOLE family got together at an Uncle's cabin to visit and play some family games. This is my Aunt Sheralene who quickly became Emily's best friend.

Grandpa Christensen with Brayden, Mia and Emily

Growing up whenever we went to Grandma's house she would always make her famous "twisties". The Aunts got together and made twisites in remembrance of our Grandma Christensen.

Mmmm.. they were yummy!

Grandma Christensen with all her grandkids that were there for the reunion.

L to R

(behind chair) Madelyn, (in chair) Jamie, Hunter, Carlaya, Grandma holding Mia, Brayden, Noah and Emily. We only had one missing grandchild at the reunion. (We missed you Elena.)

We spent lots and lots of time outside. The cabin, where the reunion was hosted, offered plenty of dirt to play in. This is my favorite picture I took of my nephew Jamie that sunday. He's filthy but sure is a cutie!

Most of the games played this day was taken from Minute to Win It. This game was to see who could pull the ALL the kleenex out of a new box, one at a time and with only one hand the fastest.

This game was a race to see which team could wrap there designated person with an entire roll of toilet paper the fastest.

This game was a race between two people. Who could move the most m&m's the fastest from one bowl to the other. They were given a straw that they had to "suck" the m&m too and run only using one hand.

This game has always been one of my favorites. This is the one that you put a cookie on your forehead and you have to move it across your face and into you mouth with NO hands. You can do this my moving your face muscles.

This game ALWAYS offers funny picures.

My Madelyn.

Brayden tried to play too.

Cousin Christopher

Cosuin Jenny

Madelyn did it. Great job!

It was great to live so close by to where the reunion was taking place at. Instead of having to camp out for the long weekend at night we got to go home to our own beds. My siblings and parents opted to stay at our place instead of camping at the cabin.

Brayden had fun, fun fun with his cousin Mia.

Grandpa Christensen with Emily.

On Monday a few of us went fishing and shooting.

Grandpa brought his fishing gear.

The fish weren't biting with the bait Grandpa brought but the boys had fun anyways.


Brayden getting into Grandpa's tackle box.

Brayden being a little young for fishing and shooting past the time with a stick!

Uncle Matt and Brayden took a little walk.

Our house had two bad toilets that needed to be replaced. Kory has wanted to take them somewhere to shoot them. For a few weeks now I 've been telling him I feel like "hill bille white trash" for having 2 toilets sitting in my yard. Kory decide shooting the toilets to pieces would be a good thing to do this weekend. So we packed em up' and set them up.

They looked like this.

After a few shots they looked like this...

And by the time it was time to go. They looked like this...

Grandpa Heaton recently offered Hunter a pellot gun. Little did I know it looked like a real gun!
I obviously knew it would be some type of a gun. It just took me by suprise with how big it is and what it looks like.

Brayden wanted a turn so Daddy helped him.

My brother Jonathan helping his son, Noah.

My brother brought all sorts of guns with him.

OOPS! I just accidently deleted my final two pictures. Being Blogger uploads from the top of the post it would completely throw me off if I were to upload them again. So I guess I'm done.

We had a great weekend spending time with our family. It has been many many years since I've seen some of my Aunts, Uncles and cousins that were here this weekend. It was great talking with them and catching up on each other's lives.

I LOVE family reunions!

I hope it won't be to long till the next one.