Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Snow Day In Hurricane.

Our 1st winter in Hurricane has been pretty mild. My kids rarely take their coats and then it's only because I have forced them too. I have been told many times by numerous people that this winter has been extremely mild like every where else in the country. I know for the good of everyone our land needs moisture. Our mountains need to be snow packed to provide water for next year but I won't lie.... I've been enjoying the warm weather. 

Sunday night the wind really picked up and the dark clouds rolled in. The weatherman said that we could expect snow or rain. I really thought we'd get rain. 

Hunter catches the bus at 7:04. The bus stop is down the street and around the corner. When I realized we had snow and it was still coming down pretty thick I took pity on him an drove him to the bus stop where I waited until the bus came.   

During the next hour I kept getting conflicting text messages from the school district about the elementary school. One would say the buses would be late, the next would say the buses weren't coming, with the next saying buses were coming but would not be going up any hills. My kids did not want to go to school. They wanted to stay home and play in the snow.

The last text I got said that our bus was not coming and that if I didn't/couldn't get them to school that it would be an excused absence. I let the kids decide whether or not they went to school.
Of course they stayed home. They played off and on all morning and had a wonderful time. As the morning crept by the sun came out and the snow began to melt. By lunch time it was basically gone.  
This upcoming fast Sunday we have been asked to fast/pray for moisture. The kids are looking forward to their next snow day!

Sheri's Maternity Photos

My sister Sheri asked me to take some maternity shots of her and her family. It's a good thing we did it that particular Saturday because less than 2 weeks later Baby Jesse was born. 

I'm learning that with each picture I take I can learn something to do better next time. For instance on this one I think the sky is very distracting. It would have been better for the skyline to be above all their heads. Next time....

Pretty Momma...

I love the kids playing in the back ground.

Sheri is not having twins. 
But being she has a boy and a girl she was letting baby #3 be a surprise!
Jamie wanted a brother and of course Brionney was hoping for a baby sister.

For fun we wanted to try something different. Once again I learned from these and can't wait to try it again with someone else.               

Thank you Sheri for letting me take your pictures. There are so many to choose from it's going to be hard to pick the ones to print. We did good!

Monday, February 23, 2015


The past few years the kids school have had the kids decorate a bag for their valentines. This is usually done earlier in the week or the 1st activity during the party. LAME!!! I've hated this each and every year! There is no creativity, no imagination. Just a bunch of coloring or placing sticker's. Again....LAME!!

This year Madelyn came home excited that her class was having a contest on who could make the most valentine, animal, sports themed, etc. boxes. Madelyn chose to do an animal theme. 
A Queen Alligator 
The first day with all the kids we cut out, hot glued and spray painted. On day two we touched up the paint, and decorated with crowns, pompoms and our googly eyes. Day three we made our valentines to pass out. 

Loved the alligator. In the end she won 1st place!

Brayden made a shark out of an oatmeal container. Kylie helped and watched them all.

Emily made a robot. I love the way it turned out. She did a great job cutting out the heart and lips.
Everyone in her class was impressed with her box!

I didn't get pictures of their valentines we made. Brayden handed out play doh  that 
said "I'm "doh" excited to be your valentine".

The girls taped a package of kool-aid to a silly straw with a saying that 
said, "Sip, sip horray it's Valentines Day!"

A shadow!

My baby girl is growing up. I miss her chubby cheeks, I miss her babyhood. She is no longer a baby but a toddler. A beautiful one at that!
Can't believe this beautiful weather in early February. Loving the sunshine!

Kylie and I were waiting for the bus to come with Brayden when she discovered her shadow! 
She chased it!

She waved at it.

She danced with it.

She loved playing with her shadow.

1st Park Time of the Year

Once a week big brother, Hunter has private cello lessons for 45 minutes. It's not quite worth my time to go home but we quickly run out of things to do while waiting for him. With the weather being unusually warm I grabbed their jackets and we went to the park 

Kylies favorite is swinging.

Brayden loves the slide.

Couldn't get Kylie to try the bigger slide but she loved the smaller one.

Brayden in "motion".

We went to the bank right before the park. Her favorite color is blue and was thrilled she was given a blue sucker. Got to love those blue lips.

Brayden loved being able to climb up the bars instead of using the stairs. 
He and I would race to see who was the fastest.

Playing tag.
Those 45 minutes that usually drag on by seemed to go by too fast this time. 

Love bath time!
Her  hair is getting so long...

Oldest and Youngest

My oldest likes to tease!
He loves his baby sister but their relationship is usually one of him teasing her. He is 11, she 2. There is a 9 year difference between them. Over the past couple of weeks these two have developed quite the bond. I've caught Kylie in his room with him "helping" him put his legos together. I have seen him take the time to push her down the street in her little car. The other day I had my camera out and was able to capture their latest entertainment. Playing wii.

She has to have the pink remote. The only game she'll play is Mario Kart. Her chosen all time favorite person is Baby Peach driving in her stroller.  

He cater's to her. He loves her! 

She loves him. So happy to see them spending time together!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to mom. Happy birthday to mom. 
Happy birthday to mommy, happy birthday to mom!

Look at the fantastic girl pac-man birthday cake Madelyn made for me. 

Madelyn made my cake on a Friday after school. Saturday morning while Kory and I were split up at two different basketball games with the rest of the kids; Maddie was with Aunt Hanna decorating it. I loved playing pac man as a kid. Every year the kids ask what kind of cake I want and I usually say I'd love to make a pac man cake. Years have gone by and I've never gotten around to it. Madelyn finally did it for me! My birthday fell on a Sunday this year. When she brought it home Saturday she kept it hidden from me to keep the surprise. Love my girl!