Monday, February 23, 2015


The past few years the kids school have had the kids decorate a bag for their valentines. This is usually done earlier in the week or the 1st activity during the party. LAME!!! I've hated this each and every year! There is no creativity, no imagination. Just a bunch of coloring or placing sticker's. Again....LAME!!

This year Madelyn came home excited that her class was having a contest on who could make the most valentine, animal, sports themed, etc. boxes. Madelyn chose to do an animal theme. 
A Queen Alligator 
The first day with all the kids we cut out, hot glued and spray painted. On day two we touched up the paint, and decorated with crowns, pompoms and our googly eyes. Day three we made our valentines to pass out. 

Loved the alligator. In the end she won 1st place!

Brayden made a shark out of an oatmeal container. Kylie helped and watched them all.

Emily made a robot. I love the way it turned out. She did a great job cutting out the heart and lips.
Everyone in her class was impressed with her box!

I didn't get pictures of their valentines we made. Brayden handed out play doh  that 
said "I'm "doh" excited to be your valentine".

The girls taped a package of kool-aid to a silly straw with a saying that 
said, "Sip, sip horray it's Valentines Day!"