Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Snow Day In Hurricane.

Our 1st winter in Hurricane has been pretty mild. My kids rarely take their coats and then it's only because I have forced them too. I have been told many times by numerous people that this winter has been extremely mild like every where else in the country. I know for the good of everyone our land needs moisture. Our mountains need to be snow packed to provide water for next year but I won't lie.... I've been enjoying the warm weather. 

Sunday night the wind really picked up and the dark clouds rolled in. The weatherman said that we could expect snow or rain. I really thought we'd get rain. 

Hunter catches the bus at 7:04. The bus stop is down the street and around the corner. When I realized we had snow and it was still coming down pretty thick I took pity on him an drove him to the bus stop where I waited until the bus came.   

During the next hour I kept getting conflicting text messages from the school district about the elementary school. One would say the buses would be late, the next would say the buses weren't coming, with the next saying buses were coming but would not be going up any hills. My kids did not want to go to school. They wanted to stay home and play in the snow.

The last text I got said that our bus was not coming and that if I didn't/couldn't get them to school that it would be an excused absence. I let the kids decide whether or not they went to school.
Of course they stayed home. They played off and on all morning and had a wonderful time. As the morning crept by the sun came out and the snow began to melt. By lunch time it was basically gone.  
This upcoming fast Sunday we have been asked to fast/pray for moisture. The kids are looking forward to their next snow day!