Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's a Boy!

My sister, Sheri, had a baby boy! 
Introducing.......Jesse James Chipman. 

He is so stinkn' cute!

He almost makes me want to have another baby.

So.... I lied, he does make me want another baby.  I love the newborn stage. I love the cuddling, the cooing, the way they smell, the way they stay scrunchy and little like for a week or two. I love watching all the firsts of my babies. The 1st time they look at me and I know they really see me, the first time they sit up all on their own, the 1st crawl, the first word, and that 1st step. Although I want another baby to experience all those 1st's again my day's of having babies has come to an end. I've realized that although I have had five opportunities now witnessing and cheering on those 1st's, I am not done. I still have many 1st's to look forward to, their just a little different now. Like when Brayden, 5yrs old, played goalie during his 1st soccer game and blocked his 1st shot keeping the other team from scoring. That is a smile that I hope to always remember. When Kylie 1st discovered she could get dressed all by herself. Or when Emily, who's 8, sang with her school choir for the 1st time. Oh boy was she nervous. But she did so well! When Hunter performed his 1st solo on his cello. When Madelyn ran her 1st 5k. I am enjoying these 1st's just like I enjoyed those 1st smiles.  As my children continue to grow and mature those 1st's will continue to change. The time has come for our family to move on to the next stage of life. I look forward to these changes and am ready to embrace it!