Tuesday, March 31, 2015

London Bridge

On our way home from camping we stopped in Lake Havasu City, AZ

I remember one of my school teachers telling me that most nursery/folk songs are based off of actual events. As a kid I remember singing and playing the little game to London Bridges. As a mother I have taught my own children how to play London Bridges. Not once have I actually thought of it being based on a real event. Apparently this little song is about something that really did happen. England at one time had a London Bridge. As far as I can tell the actual bridge never fell down but the bridge began to sink and slide little by little year after year. I guess in a sence it was falling. England was deciding to replace the bridge when a very wealthy man, Robert Paxton McCulloch decided to buy it. Each brick was taken down brick by brick, each was numbered and then sent 5,300 miles from London to  Lake Havasu City, AZ. Part of the London Bridge is used today, everyday by those visiting and living in Lake Havasu. This bridge allows us to drive over the Colorado River. 

Wanting to see the bridge a little more then just driving on it we stopped to check it out. In Roman times the City of London is marked by a dragon at each entry by freeway. Visitors can walk underneath the bridge and visit all the touristy type shops.

Beautiful water fountain we were able to walk around.

Brayden pretending to be Super Man!

Being right next to the water the kids tried to play with the ducks and chased the birds.

The London Bridge!

It was a real interesting and learning experience. Who knew the London Bridge was real and that it now resides in Arizona!