Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1st Fondant Cake

I love making cakes. 2 of my really good friends had their little boys celebrate their 3rd birthday this past weekend. They knowing my love for making cakes asked me if I wanted to make their cakes. Of course I said yes! Since both little boys love Mickey Mouse I went with this theme.

I used a cream cheese frosting for the sheet cake. I then made my 1st batch of fondant ever. The fondant covers the red playhouse, yellow shoe, white balloon hand, slide and fence. For my 1st fondant cake I think it turned out pretty well. Hunter's birthday is in April. I'm getting excited to have anther chance to make a cake. I'll definetly be using fondant again.

Valentines Pre-School

Last week I taught pre school again. We didn't end up having school that tuesday becuase it turned into a snow day. So thursday the kids did some projects I had planned for that tuesday and their valentine party. Everyone was given a bag to decorate with stickers and crayons. They used this bag to put all their Valentine goods into.

This week we were talking about shapes. So using different shapes they were able to make their own picture.

We also talked about patterns. Using conversation hearts and frosting the kids made patterns. This was Maddies favorite part. I'm so glad she's having fun in preschool this year and she loves it when we have it at our house.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today Is A Snow Day!

Yesterday morning I had an O.B appointment in Prescott. It snowed during my drive there, my 2 hours I spent waiting for my turn in the office and then all the way home. It continued to snow off and on for the rest of the day. Even though it felt like it was snowing all day it seems the snow didn't start sticking until late afternoon. At 10:00 last night it was still snowing. This is what we woke up to.I took a ruler outside and tried to measure how much snow we got. For the most part I got several 2 1/2 inches, other spots were a little higher and a little lower. This is the perfect amount for me. The snow may or may not last a few days and then it will be gone.

The teeter-toter. I know I didn't spell that right but for the life of me nothing looks right.

The girls had a blast this morning. I didn't get my camera out quick enough to catch Madie making several snow angels.

Emily wasn't interested in making snow angels but she did enjoy brushing the snow off the outside toys and of course eating it.

Hunter did join in the fun for a few minutes until his feet got cold and then he chickened out and went back inside. He's thrilled today turned into a snow day and he doesn't have to go to school. This week is becoming very short for him. Since I had my O.B appt. yesterday daddy stayed home to watch the kids and get Hunter to school. Somehow daddy "forgot" and Hunter was still home by the time I got home. So as long as we don't have another snow day this week Hunter will only go for wed, thur and then fri. is a half day so he's gone for about 1 1/2hrs. He's quite excited about how short this school week in turning out to be for him.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Unfinished Projects...

Now that I can see what I actually have in my closet I have stumbled across a few unfinished projects. So over the past few days I have been trying to complete some of these things. We currently have 11 sisters in our ward that are pregnant, all due between now and Sept. One of my friends gave birth 2 weeks ago and another had her baby the end of Dec. It's crazy to think we still have 11 more to go. So having been to a few baby showers already and several more to come I finished some hand made burp cloths. I was also able to finish this blanket with matching burp cloth. I love this blanket. If I were having a girl I think I'd keep it for myself.

Hunter's magnet board is another project that needed to be completed. Since I wasn't thinking and put the picts up backwards you get to see the finished project first. This isn't my favorite magnet board I've done but it's also my 1st board that had to include my 5yr. little boys opinion. He likes it so thats what counts.

Hunter can say he helped make it too. He was a great help with the modge podge, the painting and the hot glueing.

I let Hunter paint his dinosaurs all by himself. He did a pretty good job.

It's a great feeling to know a few projects have finally been completed. I still need to make a few nursing covers and one more blanket. I am trying to come up with some homemade gifts I can make using supplies I already have for some of the upcoming baby showers. It seems as though there will be quite a few baby girls joining us so yesterday I started making some hair bows. I've done about 10 and now I just need to glue them to a clip. Hopefully tommorrow those will be finished and I can take a pict of those. Theres a few that turned out soo cute. I'm ready to be finished with these projects so I can put everything away and get my house back together. It's such a hassle to put everything away just to pull it out again the next morning so everything gets put into a corner at dinner time.