Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today Is A Snow Day!

Yesterday morning I had an O.B appointment in Prescott. It snowed during my drive there, my 2 hours I spent waiting for my turn in the office and then all the way home. It continued to snow off and on for the rest of the day. Even though it felt like it was snowing all day it seems the snow didn't start sticking until late afternoon. At 10:00 last night it was still snowing. This is what we woke up to.I took a ruler outside and tried to measure how much snow we got. For the most part I got several 2 1/2 inches, other spots were a little higher and a little lower. This is the perfect amount for me. The snow may or may not last a few days and then it will be gone.

The teeter-toter. I know I didn't spell that right but for the life of me nothing looks right.

The girls had a blast this morning. I didn't get my camera out quick enough to catch Madie making several snow angels.

Emily wasn't interested in making snow angels but she did enjoy brushing the snow off the outside toys and of course eating it.

Hunter did join in the fun for a few minutes until his feet got cold and then he chickened out and went back inside. He's thrilled today turned into a snow day and he doesn't have to go to school. This week is becoming very short for him. Since I had my O.B appt. yesterday daddy stayed home to watch the kids and get Hunter to school. Somehow daddy "forgot" and Hunter was still home by the time I got home. So as long as we don't have another snow day this week Hunter will only go for wed, thur and then fri. is a half day so he's gone for about 1 1/2hrs. He's quite excited about how short this school week in turning out to be for him.


Camille said...

oh wow! You guys did get a lot. I saw on the weather radar that is was headed your way. We only got rain in Las Vegas, but all the mountains are white capped and it is further down than normal. We were in Cedar on Saturday and woke up to snow Sunday morning. It snowed all day there.
Looks like your kids finally got the snow they wanted.
Doesn't Hunter like school? How come he loves to miss it? LOL

lundgrenville said...

I am so jealous!! I want snow...
Are you guys coming up here for the reunion in April??? Its going to be a blast!
Hope all is well.