Thursday, March 29, 2007

Still no word....

Wed. morning the underwriter informed our lender that she could not overlook the lack of the 2 year employment. Our lender asked why she couldn't do that when she gave us a list to do to be approved and we did everything she had asked. She said she'd look over it all again and get back to him yesterday afternoon. No surprise here that we still haven't heard from her. Maybe tommorrow??????

We couldn't move in this weekend anyways. We finally got the green tag today meaning we can finally have our electricity turned on. The power company however hasn't received the clearance papers. When they do the power can be turned on the next buisness day. If the company gets the papers tommorrow we could pay an extra $150 to have same day power service. Being we still don't know about our loan I figure it's not worth getting the power turned on. Besides I can think of a lot of other things I could use the $150 for.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

No word...

Our lender told us that generally we would hear back from the underwriter in 24 hours. 24hours was up yesterday about noon. (I'm not watching the clock ha ha ha.) I called our lender at 4:30 last night. He still hadn't heard but he did e-mail the underwriter before he left his office. So hopefully TODAY we will hear back.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Could it be faith...

This afternoon I was informed our lender has found a bank in Ohio who may overlook our less then 2 years employment. Yippee. We won't hear back until Tuesday. If all goes well we can still close the first week in April. So everybody say a little prayer that we will only be homeless for a week instead of 2 months.

When you think things can't get much worse.....

We took a little trip to Utah to see family and had a wonderful time. We were suppose to be moving TODAY so Kory and I came home wed. evening and left the kids in Hurricane with their grandparents. After we moved my parents would bring the kiddos to us probably next weekend.

We had stopped for gas in Flagstaff when we got the call. The bank will not allow us to move into the house until we close. (This is normal routine but we were told we could go ahead and move in regardless of the closing date.) Due to our idiotic contractor who has taken 12 months we were scheduled to close the end of March but is now the 1 st week in April (cross our fingers it's that soon). We have to be out of our duplex March 31st leaving us 7 days without a home. We don't know where are litttle family or our things are going to go.

It was at this point Kory and I thought with all the problems during the past 12 months it can't get much worse. But oh how it can.

Yesterday morning as I started to pack I got a phone call from our lender. He informed me that we were no longer approved for our loan (would have been nice if we would have mentioned this 2 weeks ago or maybe a month ago when in his words everything was coming along nicely.) We have been approved for 9 months. With the economy the way it is banks and lenders have changed some rules and regulations. A stated income loan use to require proof of employment for 1 full year with the current employee. Now the majority of loans want proof of 2 full years. Our company was established on June 1st 2005. This makes us 2 months shy of 2 full years.
So far he can't find a lender with a realistic rate.He did find someone but our rate would be over 9% and $2000 a month. I told him NO WAY!!! He would like us to work out something so that we don't close until June 1st. This now makes us homeless for over 2 months. We are not quite sure what we are going to do. Kory keeps saying we just need to have faith that everything will work out. I hope he's right.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Girl's Bedroom In The Making

This is Madelyn and Emily's room before anything was done.

It's not quite done but getting closer. Maddie saw it this morning she said,"my room is soooo buutiful".

Working on the Kitchen

This was the kitchen before.
Taking a lunch break. The kids thought is was the funnest to sit in our new pantry shelf to eat lunch.
This is the almost finished product. The appliances and countertops need to be placed and the 2 spice rack doors where left at the shop. The counter tops come in on tuesday so sometime soon our kitchen will be complete.I love just looking at it. This will be our biggest and most beautiful kitchen we have ever had.
The wood is Walnut. When Kory brought home a sample of what he had already ordered I wasn't too impressed. I didn't tell him but I thought it was too dark and just ugly. The cabinets are still dark but they have so much color. I'm definitely impressed.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Working on the house.

We finally got a call back from our carpet installers. We are on the schedule for Wed. morning at 8:30. This house has been taking so long and now it seems to be going so fast. I love it. We are so close to being done.

This is our den. It's completely done. Yeah !!!! Meaning the touch-up paint, baseboard, flooring and outlet covers are finished. All thats left is a good sweeping. Someone said, "You are 1/9th of the way done." Being we have 9 rooms I guess he was right. I have a friend that is coming over and drawing pictures on the walls. What you see is going to be around the window and closet. On top of the door is a big flower in the middle of a vine. Everything was drawn today and tommorrow we will paint (the vines green, flowers and butterflies pink and red). Hopefully we will get it all painted. It shouldn't take to long but having 4 children to watch (keeping them out of the paint and out of the way of the men) we'll see how long it takes. I hope to be able to post picts of the newly painted murals tommorrow. Wish us luck!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Packing !

So the packing has begun. Packing with 3 small children at home has been quite the experience. They want to help so much. We are going to make a trip to Utah for a few days to install a job for Kory's parents. Being the trailor will be empty Kory hopes to move when we get back. This will have us moving Thursday March 22. This is in 14 days but we will be gone about 5 of these days. I'm feeling just a little STRESSED!!

I'm hoping to take each day at a time. The touch up painting should be completed today. Kory is going to have our employees come help at the house tommorrow. The goal is to have the rest of the flooring, baseboards and kitchen cabinets installed by moday so that carpet can be layed on Tuesday.(Then I can post our before and after picts.) New Beginnings will be over on Sunday. YIPEE!!! I'll have a few days to pack the house up. We'll head for Utah for a much needed break and then move the day after we get home leaving me a whole week to get our duplex clean.We can then start to enjoy living in our very own house. YEAH!!! I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Something not right.

Sunday morning Kory and I had an appt. with the Stake Presidency. I felt a little rushed as I was trying to get everything together (diaper bag, church bag, my lesson materials and the kids dressed with hair and teeth brushed) not knowing if we'd have time to come home before our church meetings started. I was the first one dressed and ready to go but I felt a little "off" but I couldn't pin point what it was. We went to our appt. had a little time left over so we went home for 20 min. and headed for church. I was still feeling "off". I didn't feel prepared to teach my lesson so I kept thinking my lesson was the cause of me not feeling right.

After church we had been invited to a friends for dinner and a game. We went home changed our clothes, baked the rolls and left once again. I really felt different, I didn't feel sick but just different, something wasn't right. When we got to our friends my right foot was aching so I kicked my shoes off. At 8:30 my friend picked up my shoes and asked "Tina are these your shoes?" Glancing at them I replied "Looks like mine." She started to laugh and said "Seriously these are yours, you were wearing 2 different pairs of shoes." I was mortified. It's hard to believe that almost the entire day I was wearing 2 different shoes and didn't realize it and the fact that NOBODY else noticed or they just didn't say anything.

It's no wonder before church I felt like I was going to loose a shoe while wearing nylons and after church my right foot felt so tight now wearing socks. It's obvious why I felt "off" the entire day.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

30 Day Notice

Friday morning I took our rent check along with a 30 day notice letter. We have until March 31 to be in our new house. This project has been going on for so long it's hard to believe in 27 days I will be turning over our keys to our duplex. Kory and I have been married for 5 years and in that time have moved 7 times. This move will be move #8. We have never lived anywhere for more then a year until we got into this duplex. We had sufficient bedrooms, bathrooms, a garage and a fenced back yard. What else besides our own house could we have asked for? We will have been living in our duplex 2 years this April. Our duplex has become our home. I think I'm going to miss it a little. I guess I'll get over it. As much as I hate moving I am excited for this move. We plan to live in this house for many many years to come.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

This is what I stumbled upon yesterday afternoon about 3:30. She must have been quite tired to fall asleep on the hard kitchen floor.