Sunday, March 11, 2007

Working on the Kitchen

This was the kitchen before.
Taking a lunch break. The kids thought is was the funnest to sit in our new pantry shelf to eat lunch.
This is the almost finished product. The appliances and countertops need to be placed and the 2 spice rack doors where left at the shop. The counter tops come in on tuesday so sometime soon our kitchen will be complete.I love just looking at it. This will be our biggest and most beautiful kitchen we have ever had.
The wood is Walnut. When Kory brought home a sample of what he had already ordered I wasn't too impressed. I didn't tell him but I thought it was too dark and just ugly. The cabinets are still dark but they have so much color. I'm definitely impressed.


Jonathan & Camille Family said...

Looking good!! I actually love dark cabinets. jonathan and I both love darker cabinets, like in cherry wood, dark maple or even dark walnut. Jonathan loves the busier patterns (like your mom's and I guess also like yours) I prefer just the solid color wood, but it does look like a nice kitchen. It will be gorgeous when it's all done I'm sure!