Sunday, March 04, 2007

30 Day Notice

Friday morning I took our rent check along with a 30 day notice letter. We have until March 31 to be in our new house. This project has been going on for so long it's hard to believe in 27 days I will be turning over our keys to our duplex. Kory and I have been married for 5 years and in that time have moved 7 times. This move will be move #8. We have never lived anywhere for more then a year until we got into this duplex. We had sufficient bedrooms, bathrooms, a garage and a fenced back yard. What else besides our own house could we have asked for? We will have been living in our duplex 2 years this April. Our duplex has become our home. I think I'm going to miss it a little. I guess I'll get over it. As much as I hate moving I am excited for this move. We plan to live in this house for many many years to come.


Jonathan & Camille Family said...

Exciting!! We hope to be in our house too by the end of March! I can't hardly sleep at night, cause I am just thinking of where I'll put stuff and what colors we'll paint. I LOVE moving!! But like you guys, we'll likely be in this house for years. I can't wait to come and see yours. Have you got any more inside pics yet? Have you started boxing up stuff. I think it's bad with two kids trying to pack up. I can't imagine 2 kids and a baby! You are a champ! Congradulations again!!