Thursday, November 06, 2014

Red Ribbon Week 2014

For the past several years I have been in charge of Red Ribbon Week. It was my favorite school activity to be in charge of. When we moved I new it would be one of the things that I would miss. When I looked at my calendar at the beginning of the month I couldn't help but notice how I had marked this particular week as red ribbon week months ago. Although I didn't miss the hectic, and sometimes chaotic week that red ribbon week was for me I did miss the fun events and the helium balloon releasing that I had planned for a few years now. Talking to some friends from Valley it sounds like red ribbon week missed me too! 

Attending a new school gives us new opportunities. On Monday the kids all wore red. They wore their new lego land shirts I made them and I didn't snap a picture of them. On Tuesday they wore their sports affiliated clothing. Again I didn't take a picture. Wednesday was dress like old people.
We borrowed 2 night gowns from GG. Madelyn wore her hair up in a bun and Emily chose to put curlers in her hair. Brayden was quite the stinker. It didn't help I let him sleep in and then had to rush him. He refused to let me fill his belly so he looked bigger and refused to look at the camera

Thursday was dress like an occupation. Madelyn went as a surgeon, Emily a baker. 

Brayden wants to be a cowboy when he grows up. 

I try..... but there's always one! 

Friday was Halloween. Emily dressed as Edith from Despicable Me. Brayden as an evil purple minion. We started off our morning bright and early with an 8:20 doctors appt. for Madelyn who hadn't been feeling well all week. She had strep. I laughed out loud when the doctor told me what he thought it was. This is the girl who has never had strep in her life and has had her tonsils removed (supposedly lessens the chance of strep). She hung out at grandma's all day while I was at the school helping in class parties. Our dad didn't make it back in time for trick or treating so again Madelyn stayed at Grandma's while I ran the kids out by myself. Playing single mom I didn't pick up my camera once. Oops! Good thing we went to our trunk-or-treat the previous weekend.