Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Look Who's 11!

She's had a birthday shout Hooray!
This beautiful young lady turned 11 years old.

Before we left the house that morning she opened her gifts.

It is so hard knowing what to get these growing kids who don't play with toy's anymore.
This year we gave her a plain white shirt/shorts with a tye-dye kit. Can't wait to see what she comes up with. We also gave her a nail kit book that shows step by step different designs. She and her sister have had so much fun with this already. 

With her new swim goggles and rings we hit the city pool for a few hours. 

After the pool we used our free ice cream certificates from Dairy Queen. Decided to make it a real treat and got lunch too. She loves their chicken basket. 

For dinner we had her favorite, jumbo shells but I forgot to take a picture. After dinner we had our usual brownie and ice cream dessert. Next year I will get back on the band wagon and actually make my kids their cakes. So happy my school is almost over. 

Happy Birthday, Madelyn!

Favorite breakfast- crepes
Favorite dinner- jumbo shells
Favorite treat- cookies and milk
Favorite book- Sister's Grimm
Favorite Song- Dynamite by China Anne Mcclain
Favorite color- green
Loves chevron
Best Friend- Jacque Stewart
Favorite Movie- Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bulloch