Monday, November 09, 2009

Brayden's 6 months

Brayden reached his 6 month mark not too long ago. It's great having one of my best friends live across the street. She loves photography and I love having my kids pictures taken. Brayden was a tiger for his 1st halloween.

I love black and whites. I think it makes the pictures look softer.
Suprisingly Brayden didn't throw much of a fuss sitting with only a diaper on in a cold metal bucket.

Kory has always tried to get a good picture of our babies wearing his hat. Somehow they just never look that cute on camera. So I took one of his many hats with us. April did good.

So serious!

I love my baby boy.

Halloween Party

We had our halloween party and boy did we have fun. We ended of course with the pinata. This year it was Hunter that broke it. He did a great job by hitting the witches hat which popped off and spilt candy. The pinata is basicly undamaged. I will glue the hat back on and use it again next year.

We ususally serve pizza but this year we decided to do things a little different. We love making homemade rootbeer. The kids go nuts seeing what the dry ice can do. I quatrupled the batch and messed it up so it didn't taste very good. Once all our party friends left for the night we were able to figure out where we went wrong and fixed it. That was some good stuff.

We ate bat wings.

Dried scabs ( dried cranberries)

Gooey Brain (potato salad)

Mummy dogs (biggest hit of the night)

and my favorite Monster Snot (artichoke dip)
Till next year!