Monday, October 29, 2018

Ward Trunk or Treat

With Kory breaking his collarbone just 2 days ago things have been a bit hectic. I'm stressed, Kory's stressed and still in quite a bit of pain and I feel like we are just having to take it one day or one hour at a time right now. My plans for Halloween didn't end up happening. Good thing we have next year! 

Tonight our ward hosted its annual Trunk or Treat. 
Miss Emily went as Harley Quinn from Batman and Joker. 

Brayden was Joker! 

Hunter didn't want his picture taken but was able to snap this anyways. He dressed like characters from the movie Grease with his best friend Karson. 

This little pipsqueak loves the movie The Incredibles. She is Violet! 

Maddie was going to dress up but left her costume at a friends. Oops!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Our 1st Broken Bone

Sunday night Kory wasn't feeling well and was hoping he could "sleep off" whatever it was that was bothering him. It didn't work! Pretty sure he finally came down with whatever the kids and I had the week of Fall Break. He was super sick Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday he came home for lunch and never went back. Thursday he worked the whole day but came home super tired. Friday he had an install to do in Kanab. It was the first day he felt almost normal. He still needed the toilet quite a bit but he no longer had a fever or the chills. He felt like he was going to live through this.....

When he got home Friday afternoon (October 26th) several parts for my parents quad had come in the mail that he and Hunter had been waiting on. Not wanting to waste daylight they both spent 2-3 hours replacing the broken parts and putting the quad back together. They took it down to my parents house with the intention of making sure the new brake line was fixed, the break fluid wasn't leaking and a few other things were working correctly. Kory and I were going out that night, it was almost dark and so they wouldn't be long!  Kory said after driving it around for a few minutes everything seemed fine and he was ready to back the quad up into the shed and come home. He doesn't know what exactly happend. He knows he put the quad in reverse to back it down the driveway and into the shed. But the next thing he knew he was flying through the air. He found himself lying on his back with the air knocked out of him about 10 feet from the quad. Hunter didn't see the accident happen but was there and was able to help him up. 

We spent our date night at the InstaCare. 
He broke his collar bone in 3 different places and has a few cracked ribs. 

He's got a little road rash...

Can't cast a broken collar bone so his arm is in a sling. Doctor said it takes about 8 weeks before he'll be 90% back. It will probably be 12+ weeks for him to feel 100% back to normal but his bone won't be completley healed. It will take several months if not a whole year for that bone to have regrowth. 

The discouragement we felt that night can not even be described! Kory's already a man down at the shop. He's got several houses that are all going to be ready for their install at the same time.  Our house is always cold, winter's around the corner and we've got so much work to do to get get the house sealed before we can turn on our heater. We both felt miserable.... but also thankful that was the extent to his injuries. It could have been worse!

We called some friends to have them come give Kory a blessing that night and to help us get a recliner for Kory to sleep in, Cody Goodfellow and Tony Werrett.  I held my own until we got home from the Doctors and then my tears flowed pretty freely. Im sure it was pretty obvious I had been crying when these awesome friends showed up. Tony gave the blessing and oh my goodness did I feel the spirit. He blessed Kory that he would have a full recovery. He was blessed that although work was going to be stressful that we would find the help we so desperately needed. He blessed ME in Kory's blessing that I would have the strength to take care of my family and Kory in his time of need. I was told that if I kept to the scriptures and prayed oft I would feel my burdens be lifted. I was tears once again by the end of the blessing. It was an amazing blessing. 

This week marks 8 weeks since Kory's accident. Starting that next week I worked in the shop with Kory in between my H&R Block job, my notary assignments I had already accepted and running kids here and there. Kory was able to find another employee the following week to work at the shop on a full time basis. A neighbor who use to paint cars came to the shop to offer his services in the spray booth. Wow! There were many times that I felt overwhelmed and frustrated that I wasn't "keeping" up with everything I ususally did. Everytime the anxiety or fear or overwhelming feeling arose I thought back to that blessing. I would pull out my scriptures and say a prayer. Very quickly I would feel the peace that I was so desperately needing. 

That first week was super hard for Kory. He couldn't dry himself off from a shower, he couldnt pull up his pants or button them after going to the bathroom. He couldn't get dressed or undressed by himself. He could'nt get out of bed by himself. It was a real struggle! But as each week came and went he got a little bit better. After 2 1/2 weeks he was able to stop wearing the sling. Looking at him now you'd never know. He feels like he is about 80% back to normal. He's had 3 appts now with a specialist who x-rays everytime. The bone is healing and some re-growth can be seen. He's getting better! Doc said he should feel about 95% at 12 weeks.

When our ward family heard about Kory's accident they and our friends came to the rescue. We had several men show up on several occasions to help us. We had help finishing the electrical and sheetrocking. We were able to have insualtion blown in and then we got our heat pump installed. It is so nice to be warm at home. It was so, so cold for several weeks. It didn't seem to matter how "warm" it was outside which was usually between 64-72. Our house could not get above 60. We stayed at a pretty constant 58 degrees. It was horrible! I fixed breakfast wearing a coat. The kids would get dressed, put their coat on and then come into eat. I wore a coat most of the day, every day. The kids would come home from school with their coats in their backpack. They wouldn't be home for long before they were wearing them again. It was seriously warmer outside than inside. It didn't matter how long or how many doors and windows I would have open. It just stayed cold. I am so thankful for heat!

I still think back to that blessing Kory was given. It really strengthened my testimony of the priesthood. I don't now if I have ever felt the way I felt during his blessing. And then when I was feeling at my worst and to know all I needed to to do was say a prayer or pick up my scriptures and that uneasiness or anxiousness would disapear. It was and still is an amazing experience that I am so thankful that I had. 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Painted Pumpkins

I think October just may become our favorite month of school. The kids new school has some fun things planned. The library has a tradition of having kids (that want to) paint a pumpkin into a character from their favorite book or something that tells you what book it's representing. Kylie loves pony books and unicorns. She decided to turn her pumpkin into a unicorn.  

She had so much fun! 

Brayden is reading Hatchet right now and really likes it. He decided to make his pumpkin represent that book. He printed out a hatchet, cut it, taped it to the pumpkin and then traced around it with pencil. He painted it and then with a sharpie marker outlined it. I was quite impressed. He did so good.  

It just happened to be "pajama" day at school when we dropped them off to the librarian. 

They were so proud of their pumpkins. 

Love that they both enjoy reading. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Pinewood Derby

Brayden participated in his 1st Pine Wood Derby this year. 

The anticipation he must feel at the bottom of the track watching his car race against a fellow scout. 

He painted his car all by himslelf and loved it!

Good Job Brayden!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Freshman Volleyball

This girl loves Volley Ball!
She has been playing since 3rd grade or since she was about 8/9 years old.  She loved playing the 3 years she playing while we lived in Alton. When we moved to Hurricane it was a little different. They didn't practice every single day. She was always on a team with girls who had never played before and it drove both her and I crazy! 

This year was a big year. She played on the cities team last year both Spring and Fall. Then she played club during the summer. She wanted to try out for the highschool team but was afraid she wouldn't make it so she almost didn't try out! The Lacrosse team was begging for players, there would be no cuts and so she was thinking about switching sports. But in the end with lots of encouragement she decided to try out anyways. There were over 20 girls who tried out and only 12 made the team. This girl tried her best and she made it!  I think we both shed a few tears of joy. I don't remember the last time I was so nervous for one of my kids. 

These girls were the champs! They won every single game. There were definetly some close calls but they pulled through and won them all. 
                                                              Freshman/Sophmore Team.
There were only 3 Sophmores on the Sophmore Team. 
The other members were Freshman and played up. 

After the last game played came Regents. This is where on one Saturday every Highschool team in our region (every school we alread played and beat) comes together and plays again in a tournament.

Talk about pressure. Having just beat every school and then being asked to play again for regents championship. Talk about the pressure.   But these girls DID IT!

Desert Hills is known to be the best of the best. They are known to be the winners of every sport. But this year we beat them! I was not impressed with their coach. He doesn't take defeat well and kept calling time outs and complaining to the ref's. There was one time the ref just walked away from him shaking her head. He was being plain stupid and showing everyone what a poor sport he really is. I really felt bad for his team. Despite all the time outs, all the fouls he tried and sometimes succeeded in calling on our team and the extra serve he got we still beat him!  The anxiety during that last game was something I have never felt before. The gym was packed and most was rooting for our team. No one likes Desert Hils. Hahahaha. 
I still can't believe these cute girls did it!
My little champion right there!

These girls can be so so silly! 

I'm not going to miss the daily practice's or even the Friday 5am practices or the 2x a week games.
But I know this girl is going to miss it all. So happy for the friendships these girls have with one another. They are the best!

Monday, October 15, 2018


Last week Hunter had an orthodontist appt. His teeth looked so good that Dr. Simister decided they could come off one month early. Woo Hoo! No complaints here. Taking braces off is a little bit more involved for our 5 min scheduled appt. 45 minutes later they still weren't done with his retainer they were making him. I had to go pick up the little ones from the bus and then I was going to swing by and pick up Hunter. Things must have gone pretty smoothly because Hunter texted me he was already home when I was on my way back with little ones. So I didn't get a picture of his new smile nor get I picture of him signing the "Hall of Fame". Can you find his name?

It took me a while but I finally found it.

This week Madelyn had her orthodontist appt. Her braces came off a month early too. Woo Hoo!

Great job guys. Your teeth look awesome!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Color Run

The kids are going to a new school this year. One of their annual fundraisers in hosting a color run. Brayden hadn't been feeling to good that morning but still wanted to go to school to participate. 

The 4th graders ran 2 laps which I believe is 1/2 a mile. 

By the time he was done he was feeling pretty bad. I brought him home afterwards to re-coop. Little did I know he'd end up throwing up all of the next day. 

Miss Kylie was able to participate too. The 1st graders ran one lap. 

What a new fun activity! 
Good job kiddo's!