Monday, June 15, 2009

It's back to school!

We have owned our own buisness for almost 4 years now. This picture depicts what the IRS or each tax season has done to us. In utah our accountant was retired and did taxes out of his home. For three years he charged us $75 and was able to get us what we thought then was a very nice refund. Since we've moved to Prescott Valley our refund has reduced drastically. Last year we qualified for the extra child credit, for each child $1,000 was given. We had 3 children at the time and all of our friends were getting about $5-7,000. Not us we got a little over $2400. This past year was the kicker. Due to the "supposed profit" of the company our personal tax was pushed once again into a higher tax bracket. It was quite a surprise when we were told what our refund was for federal (never been that low before), how much we owed for state and then what the accountant was charging us.

All I can say is that WILL NOT happen again. I have gone back to school. This past spring I really wanted to start my future accounting degree. I was very dissapointed when registration came and went and we just didn't have the money to do it. I actually cried myself to sleep one night. Hind sight is 20/20 finals ended up being the week Brayden made his entrance into this world.

Several weeks ago it came to my attention that this same class was being offered thise summer. I signed up and am starting my 3rd week into ACCT 115. I knew a summer class would be a bit of a crunch but I didn't quite realize how much. It's been 11 years since I've taken a class and am a little out of practice. I am finding it very difficult to spread my time between reading 2 chapters, completing 2 homework assignments that take me 3-4 hours each and complete 2 quizzes (in 5 days), while at the same time do swim lessons, babysitting, doctors appointments, book keeping for the buisness and just being a wife, a mother, chaufer, maid, and cook to a family of 6 now. Yesterday at church it was brought to my attention that I haven't answered emails in over a week and haven't been blogging. I just had to laugh. The past 2 weeks have been a little overwhelming. So until my class is over (6 more weeks to go) blogging and answering emails are being put on the back burner.

The bright side of this new chaos to our lives is that I am learning many new things and it will help with the upcoming tax year. I won't be going back to school full time but I do hope to continue to take classes each semester until I earn a degree. I would much rather the money we currently pay an accountat to go into my pocket instead.

"Princess Party"

Maddie will be turning "5" next week. Her best friend Amber will be moving the end of this week so we held her birthday party this past saturday. Maddie with her best friend whom she will truly miss.

For one of the games I gave each of the girls a blank bingo card with princess stickers to decorate.
Maddies favorite game was "Kiss the Prince". I lathered each princess's lips with lipstick, blind folded them and watched to see who could kiss the prince on the cheek. I thought these girls were a little to young to kiss on the lips.

Maddie wanted to serve her princess friends fruit. So thats what we did. We a had tray full of strawberries, watermelon, honeydew and grapes.

What's a princess party without a princess cake. It turned out pretty cute I thought and Maddie loved it so that's all that counts! Happy Birthday big girl.

Swim session #1 is over...

Last week ended our 1st session in swim lessons. Here are a few picts of Maddie..

She was quite the little flirt with her "cute" boy teacher.
On friday after each child was signed off what they could do they were able to spend some time on the splash pad.

Hunter's favorite part was shooting the water cannons.

One session down one more to go.

FHE of King Benjamin

I have gotten out of the habit of doing projects with the kids. Being I have had 2 in school they do plenty there. For several days though the kids have been asking to do a project. I decided I couldn't put them off any longer. So last monday I told the kids we would be do doing a big project as part of our family home evening. I prepared a short lesson on King Benjamin. Afterward we created the scene of King Benjamin teaching his people using popsicle sticks. This is the final project..

The girls were in charge of the tents and people..

While the boys were in charge of the tower. It turned into a fun family home evening. I wasn't sure how much they got from the lesson due to their excitement of the upcoming project. But they do remember what I was hoping to get across. The point being King Benjamin taught his not to "fight" with each other but to love and serve one another.

Monday, June 01, 2009

1st Day Of Swim Lessons

Today was the 1st day of swim lessons. My kids have never been in swim lessons so today was quite an adventure for them. Maddie had fun throwing the rings but wasn't to fond about retrieving them.

Hunter was a little bit more adventerous.

Hunter looks a little funny here. He doesn't like water going up his nose. Who does?

When the lessons were over they got to spend a little time playing around.

They had a great 1st day and our looking forward to going back tommorrow. I'm hoping that by the end of the season they will at least be able to get to the side of the pool by themselves if they needed to. Because neither or them had lessons before they were able to be in the same class at the same time.

Brayden's Blessing Outfit

My mother-in-law is a great seamstress who make beautiful blessing outfits. She has made each of my children their very own special outfit to be blessed in. This past week I took Brayden to a very good friend's house April for another photo shoot. Isn't he too cute!

My sister Sheri came for the special weekend and took her baby Jamie who is 13 days younger then Brayden to April's for his 1st photo shoot too. We had to get a picture of them together.

When Sheri told me she was going to come for the weekend I happened to be at Wal-Mart where I found these outfits for $1 a piece. The only difference is the size. Brayden's is a 0-3mo. while Jamie's a preemie.

We had to take a picture of them together wearing their blessing oufits. Jamie will be blessed July 4th weekend in Utah. The 1st picture of these 2 together you can't see their size difference. This one shows their differences much better. These 2 are going to be best buds!

Brayden's Big Day

Brayden was blessed this past sunday here in Prescott Valley. He is our 1st to be blessed here. The other kids we went home to have them blessed making it easier on both sides of the family not having to travel as far. We had more family members come then we had anticipated making it an even greater day then expected. This is Grandpa Heaton holding Emily.

The kids spent most of there time in the yard playing with cousins.

Grandpa pushing Emily on the swing.

We definetly had a house full.

Below is my brother Jonathan holding Brayden, Hunter, Jason and sister Sheri (Jason's her husband). This is my dad holding the 2 newest members of the family. Brayden and Jamie, who is my sister Sheri's little boy who was born 13 days after Brayden.
Can you imagine having twins?

This is my mother-in-law, Joy. She has made all of the blessing outfits for each of my children. She did an amazing job and recieved many compliments. We all think she should make them and sell them.

These 2 our Kory's sisters (Heather and Holly) who traveled up with mom and dad. Kory's brother also came for the day but I didn't get him in any picts.
It was a wonderful weekend with a lot of our family here. Now that everyone is gone it's a little bit of a let down. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did. Thankyou to those who traveled so far to help make this a special day.

Grandpa Christensen and Aunt Hanna's Visit

For almost 2 weeks now my dad and sister Hanna have been visiting. We have had so much fun with them. It's not often we get visitors and when we do it's not more then a day or two. My kids really soaked up their Grandpa's attention. Maddie loves her grandpa!

Hanna was working on her personal progress. Almost everyday she was here she did Maddie's hair and Emily's is she would let her. She was learning a new skill. Thanks to Hanna many different hair do's to try out.

Maddie of course loved her time with Aunt Hanna.

We had so much fun with Grandpa we hope he comes again soon. Maybe next time Grandpa can come along too. We love you!