Saturday, October 15, 2016

Back to School 2016

School Started for my kiddo's on Thursday August 11th this year. 
We have moved soon after and so am just a little late on posting pictures!
On Wednesday Aug 17th, we signed papers. On Thursday we paid for someone to clean the carpets. On Friday we ran up to Alton for the weekend for a little Heaton get together with the plans of moving on Monday. . On Sunday while driving home we got a phone call saying our smoke detectors had been going off since Friday. A neighbor got tired of hearing the constant beep so went inside the house to take the batteries out. She said the house reeked!  Uh oh....

Apparently the chemicals used to clean the carpets had a nasty and smelly reaction to all the pet urine in the carpets. We aired out the house that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday hoping it would all go away. It didn't! So Thursday during Kory's lunch break we ripped out the carpets, it was seriously that BAD! Thursday and Friday a dear friend, Courtney Crane came over and helped me clean our new house. It was super dirty and covered in pet hair!  Saturday morning we had some friends come over and help us move. Sunday morning we made it to church where Kory was called to be an advisor in the YM. Wow! Did they know we were coming or what!

On Monday after I got the kiddo's all to school instead of unpacking I went back over to our old house and cleaned that day and Tuesday. The house was spotless! Pretty sure it was cleaner than when we first moved in. Wednesday I went back over to let the carpet cleaners in and Thursday I turned in the keys! Needless to say it's been a crazy few weeks! 

The best part about this move is that the kid's don't have to change schools. Woo Hoo!

Having said that Hunter moved on from the Intermediate School to the Middle School.
He doesn't know what he wants to be however, he does know he wants lots of money! So he's thinking maybe something in the medical field. We keep telling him that although it would be nice to have "lots of money", money doesn't always bring happiness!

Madelyn's got braces!
She thinks maybe she'd like to be an Orthodontist. 
This year will be her last year at the Intermediate School!

Emily is in 4th grade this year. In 2nd grade and now this year she has Mrs. Mclaws. She is the best teacher and we absolutely LOVE her! Emily wants to be a teacher that kids will "love". 

Brayden is in 2nd grade this year. He loves to work with his hands and build things. He wants to be cabinet maker like his Dad.

Kylie will be attending Preschool this year with Miss Lori!
She is so excited!
She loves watching the Barbie movies. She loves to dance and prance around the house like a ballerina!  

It's so hard to believe that all of my kids are attending school this year!
Whatever will I do with myself????