Monday, April 30, 2007

Our favorite past time.

Hunter and Maddie both love to take Emily for a ride in the baby doll stroller. Emily doesn't seem to mind it too much.
Oftentimes during her rides we can hear her laughing uncontrolably.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Rub a Dub Dub...

Emily is almost 7 months old. She's getting so big. It's fun to see her discovering the little world around her.
Look at all that hair. She loves the water. Taking a bath is a sure way to put a hold on the crankiness she's been having lately.

Emily had her 6 mo. check up yesterday. She weighs 17.5 lbs. She's been a little cranky lately and I've been wondering if she's starting to cut teeth. Dr. Green confirmed my suspisions. Her gums are swollen meaning her teeth will probably make an appearance soon.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Our Kitchen

This is our new kitchen. These pictures do not give it justice.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kids rooms

The girls room. Done in flowers and butterfly's with Strawberry Shortcake. Madelyn loves her new room and wants to show it off to everyone who comes over. The room looked much bigger until we put a full bed and crib in it along with my hope chest I was given when I was 16. At the moment it is holding breakables and being used as a shelf of Emily's toys.

Hunter's room. He loves the tall dinosaur on his wall. He also likes to show it off to whomever will follow him. Soon we will have Jody back over to draw two more dinosaurs on this wall. Hunter wants a dinosaur that has a pokee thing on his forehead. Then I'm thinking to have a baby dinosaur coming out of an egg. We are also wanting to replace Hunter's toddler bed with a twin. We are in the process of buying a new queen bed for ourselves. I'm contemplating letting Hunter have our current queen size bed. Seeing how little room the girls have in there bedroom I don't know if we will do this. For the past 3 days we've been here it seems the kids gravitate to Hunter's room as there is much more floor space to play on.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Hunter's 4th Birthday

Hunter wanted a dinoaur birthday cake. So a dinosaur birthday cake he got. I must say pictures do not give this cake justice. It was the funnest, cutest 3D birthday cake I've made so far. Maddie is already asking for a butterfly and flower cake for her birthday in 2 months. We had a few of Hunter's little friends and their family over for cake and ice cream. He was so very excited. His whole face lit up when everyone started singing "Happy Birthday".
He absolutely loved opening all his presents.
Hunter got to choose the ice cream to go with his cake. While the kids ate and the moms visited all the dads were watching the basketball game.
Mom and Dad gave 3 gifts, 3 friends gave gifts and of course each Grandama and Grandpa gave him a gift. This kid scored. He didn't get this much at Christmas. Overall Hunter had a wonderful 4th birthday. He's already asking when his next birthday is. He wants to have it at the park (his party was planned at the park this year but due to the wind we moved it inside). He wants to have water balloons and a spiderman cake. Sounds fun. Happy Birthday big boy!


For Easter we were living at Lance and Tosha's. Hunter got up that morning and found his basket. He went running to the backdoor and let us all know the Easter Bunny forgot to hide eggs in the backyard. Being the day beofre was an extremely long day of working at our house he was right. The Easter Bunny did forget. The Easter Bunny was forgiven however when we got home from church to find the Easter Bunny had returned to hide the eggs. Maddie wearing her "Super Girl" cape that Grandma made for her.
Hunter couldn't wait to find the easter eggs. He's still wearing his new suit.
And away they go....
The Easter Bunny did a very good job this year. He brought each a coloring book with new crayons, and a game to share. Perfect activities to do at someone elses home on a Sunday.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our first night

Quite a bit was accomplished today. Our kitchen sink and dishwasher is now working. Kory also put the vent on the dryer which I can now use. We moved all the extra flooring under the house. All the bathroom boxes our unpacked and put away. Last but not least tonight I am blogging on my own working, connected computer. YEAH!! Our den is set up. I think the best part is my kitchen table is cleaned off. I couldn't tell you the last time I could see the top of it. Still can't see my countertops but it's a start.

Tonight Kory is in Safford and it's just the kids and I all alone in our new house. It seems kinda strange being by myself. I wasn't planning on staying tonight but our propane is being delivered in the morning about 8. I'm so tired of having to wake the kids up to be to the house by a certain time. Maddie generally doesn't wake up until 8. If I wake her up she can be such a BEAR all day. I decided being home alone tommorrow I need to have happy children so here we are spending our first night at our new house.

The kids are all in bed and I'm ready to post pictures but I just realized I left my connector from the camera to the computer at our friends which means no pictures. Maybe tommorrow.


We are still not living in our house but living with a friend. Our heat pump was suppose to be installed this past monday. The worker came out and said to pour a cement pad "about 4x4". That is was Kory did and it ended up being 4 inches to small. So monday he repoured the pad much to Hunter's delight (he wants to do more cement everyday). The installers said they'd be back either wed. or thur. Hopefully it will be TODAY. The county inspected the plumbing for our propane tank and it actually passed. Not that I was worried it was done wrong. It's just that nothing on this house has passed the first time. Kory says the contractor must of really annoyed the inspectors as everything has failed for an absurd reason. Like our back porch light was too bright. It was against county regulations. (Being we didn't have power to see exactly how bright it would have been and it was a 60w light bulb I don't think it would have been that bright.) I am hoping Kory can finish what ever needs to be done so I can call for our propane company to come turn our stove on. Once we have heat and stove I think we will move in. I'm hoping Kory can finish everything today as he is leaving for Safford today for a few days. It would be great to start living there. After the heat pump and stove all I will need is a working kitchen sink and dishwasher.

So we've started to un pack. Yesterday the girls room got completely finished. Beds our made, pictures our hung and window covering is on. It looks pretty cute. In Hunter's room everything is unpacked. His bed is made and everything is organized. I'm still looking for a twin bed for him (get him out of his toddler bed) and then I can look for a cute comfortor that will match his room. We have 2 more dinosaurs to paint on his wall and then I can start to hang his pictures.
I feel like we made good progress yesterday. Today I am working on the office and bathrooms.
It's been a little dificult trying to find places to put things that would normally be put in a garage. Forinstance a wheelbarrel, shovels and hoes, bags of cement, oil and filters for our vehicles. As for now they will be placed in a corner in our office until we get a little storage shed built.

If I get our computer set up I can post pictures of our newly decorated rooms and Hunter's birthday that took place on monday. It's hard to believe I have a 4 year old.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We are approved

So after jumpimg a few more hurdles we are once again approved. I guess all that sress was worth it as our morgage payment is $100 less than what it would have been.

We moved this past Sat. into a friends house who is currently out of town until Sunday. Our water was turned on last week. When the water line was being backfilled the backhoe ran over the pipe and broke it. The water line is now fixed and running smoothly. The kids and I had to be at the house most of the day yesterday waiting for different workers to come by. It was so nice not having to go to Fry's for our potty breaks.

The electricty was turned on Monday but something was wrong with it. If the bedroom lights were on and I flipped the hall light on the other lights would either turn off or dim really low. This morning the electrician came and was able to fix the loose wire. We can now use our electricity. YEAH!!!

This morning the whole was dug for our propane tank. We hope to be able to use our stove the beginning of next week.

Monday the heat pump will be installed and then we will have a heater to use. In the morning and the evenings it is very cold inside the house. We open all doors and windows to get some warmth in there. It doesn't take to long to get the house at a comfortable temp. I'm definitely thankful for all the little things we use everyday.

Hopefully this weekend we can finish moving all of our stuff in and then maybe Monday night can be our first night in our new house.