Friday, April 13, 2007

Hunter's 4th Birthday

Hunter wanted a dinoaur birthday cake. So a dinosaur birthday cake he got. I must say pictures do not give this cake justice. It was the funnest, cutest 3D birthday cake I've made so far. Maddie is already asking for a butterfly and flower cake for her birthday in 2 months. We had a few of Hunter's little friends and their family over for cake and ice cream. He was so very excited. His whole face lit up when everyone started singing "Happy Birthday".
He absolutely loved opening all his presents.
Hunter got to choose the ice cream to go with his cake. While the kids ate and the moms visited all the dads were watching the basketball game.
Mom and Dad gave 3 gifts, 3 friends gave gifts and of course each Grandama and Grandpa gave him a gift. This kid scored. He didn't get this much at Christmas. Overall Hunter had a wonderful 4th birthday. He's already asking when his next birthday is. He wants to have it at the park (his party was planned at the park this year but due to the wind we moved it inside). He wants to have water balloons and a spiderman cake. Sounds fun. Happy Birthday big boy!


Jonathan & Camille Family said...

LOoks like fun and you did a great job on the cake. I would never even attempt anything like that. And I just remembered too that with all our homeless stops and moving in, we still never got Hunter a present. You'll have to tell me what he didn't get that he really wants or needs and we'll get it to you. Sorry!