Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Emily at Tuachan

School is almost out. Tonight was Emily's last choir performance of this school year. 
She and her friends did a great job!

Looking forward to a break from the early morning practices.
Good job kiddo's!

Hunter turns 13

We've had a birthday.. Shout Hooray!
He's official teenager. 

His younger siblings spoiled him with his favorite cereal, snack foods and his all time favorite movie Gremlins. Mom and Dad gave him a new game for the Wii, his favorite mesh shorts with matching t-shirts and a new tent for all the upcoming scout camp outs he gets to go on. He wanted a new tie so he picked that one out himself. He thinks it's hilarious! It says Police Line, Do Not Cross.  

He does not like cake so requested a cheesecake this year. 

Happy Birthday!
Hunter loves to spend his time outdoors on his rip stick or taking his bike to the bike jumps. He scares me but he's getting pretty good at it. He still loves to read and of course spend time on his ipod. He loves pizza and Kit Kats.  

Baby Chicks

 Our baby chicks were delivered this morning!
After the kids went off to school we took them to my parents were we will be keeping them until we get the chicken coop built.

Kylie named 2 of the chicks. One is Chick Elsa and the other Chick Anna. 
We do love the movie Frozen!
Apparently chick Elsa wanted a ride in her bike. 

Then Kylie decided that chick Anna needed a turn. Chick Anna kept chirping and so Kylie decided she must be cold and needed to be wrapped up in her blanket before she had her turn on the bike. 

Daddy offered to take Kylie for a ride in the wagon before he went to work. 

This little girls sure loves her daddy. 

Matt's Engaged

My brother recently got engaged! 
I had the privilege of taking his engagements. 

I think they turned out GREAT!


I love Easter Morning!
I love our simple tradition of talking about what happened to our Savior Jesus Christ all week and how it leads up to his resurrection. The Easter Bunny does come to our house but he leaves us things that are Sunday appropriate or Christ centered. 

Kylie was given a book that reminds us what we do on Sunday's along with a new church necklace.

Emily's book was about Women Hero's we can read about in the scriptures.  

Madelyns book is about Queen Esther. 

Braydens book is a story about a real life incident that our current Prophet, President Monson participated in when he was a little boy. 

Hunters book is fictional but relates to Nephi and his family when they leave Jerusalem.  

The kids were able to eat a little candy before we all headed off to church. 

When we got home everyone was so excited to go on our Easter Egg Hunt. We were home all by ourselves this year so these 2 took it upon themselves to go hide all the eggs for me. 

While the the eggs were being hidden and 2 of the kids were still changing their clothes this little girl was showing me her new Easter dress aka Belle dress. Oh how she loves her princesses. 

She loves how "fluffy" it is. 

and how she can twirl in it.  

I sure love this beautiful little girl of mine.  

Finally the eggs were all hidden and it was time to on our hunt! 

I love that I captured him jumping in this picture. 

Besides candy many of the eggs were filled with stickers and tattoos, mini lego figures, earrings, bracelets and mini ponys. 

They loved their new goodies. 

Happy Easter!

Easter Eggs

This week has been a busy one. Between my work and Kory being out of town and then all the kids extra curricular activities it's been a busy week. Hunter is out on a scout camp out and really didn't want to dye Easter Eggs so this Saturday morning we decided to do it with out him. 

She was so serious about putting her polk-a-dots on that purple egg. 

Brayden drew baby dinosaurs on his so that everyone would know it was a dinosaur egg. 

Emily tried different designs using rubber bands. 

Fun, fun morning.  
Don't like the mess of dying Easter eggs but I do love to see the creativity!
Fun, fun, morning!

Spring Break- Tonaquint Park

During Spring Break I took the kids to a new park we had never been to before. Besides having a jungle gym to play on it also had a little pond with ducks. 
 Madleyn, Brayden, Emily and Hunter. 

Why oh why is it so hard to get a picture of ALL 5 of my children??

We went to the ducks first. It didn't take them to long to find their way over to us. I think they are pretty used to being fed. 

Brayden thought he could throw his torn piece of bread farther if he climbed a tree. 

My favorite were the swans. 

When we ran out of bread we made our way back to the jungle gym to play. 

Hunter showing us how the monkey bars are done. 


Kylie loves going down the slide. 

Brayden is such a the climber lately.  


 Madelyn thought she was little "old" to play today. 
Can't believe she's turning 12 in a few months.  

I love going to new places!