Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Spring Break-Red Cliffs Hike

Red Cliffs Hike

This is the first year ever that I have worked outside our home. In January I began working part-time for H&R Block as a Tax Preparer. It's been a bit of an adjustment on our family but I have been loving it. I work Tuesday-Friday from 3pm till closing which varies from 7-9 pm. I also work about 2 Saturdays a month from 10-5. I love the hours. I'm home all morning with Kylie, I can still volunteer at the kids school and go on field trips. I leave for work when Hunter and Madelyn get home from school. They are home by themselves for about 2-3 hours and then Kory gets home. When Spring Break approached I was a little worried. My hours weren't going to change and I was little worried about the kids not enjoying their Spring Break and being home bound too much. I tried to plan some fun things to do with them. 

On Monday 3 other moms and myself with our 17 kids went out to Leeds and did the Red Cliffs Hike. It's very easy, and ended in water. To me that's the definition of the perfect hike for kids!

The three older boys lead our way. Hunter sure has some good friends.

Madelyn and Kylie taking a break.

All kids seem to like to climb over boulders and play King of the Mountain. 

Miss Emily loved how smooth the rocks were. 

 At the end of the hike we found the little water pond. The kids discovered that going through this crack between the rocks put them on a trail that took them to the other side of the pond and they could stand over the small water fall. 
Brayden tried his hand at fishing with a stick.
He wasn't very successful. 

Here's some kids that were trying to climb over these smooth but super steep rocks to get back. One fell and slipped right into the water. 

We loved the sunshine!

On our way back the bigger kids ran ahead and so Brayden, Kylie and I took our time coming back. The weather has been crazy these past few weeks. One day it's in the high 80's low 90's and the next we are back in the 50's/ 60's. I told the kids to bring a jacket not knowing quite how the temperature would pan out for the day. Brayden does not like to be cold so opted to bring his winter coat instead. 

Almost back to the car we came across a stinky smell. Brayden told me to stop and listen, that an Ogre must be close by. He loves the movie Shrek. I love this boy of mine and his wild imagination.  

These two thought this old tree stump was pretty cool to play in. They thought we should bring it home and it could be their play house for the back yard. 

What a great day to spend outdoors with friends! 
We sure enjoyed soaking up that vitamin D. 
What a beautiful day we had.