Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year we had Thanksgiving with the Christensen Family in Hurricane. 

Several months ago my dad's brother, Rod and his wife Kathy moved from California to Hurricane. They had a few of their kids come to town for the holiday and we decided to get the two families together. Thursday morning before our big feast we met at the local elementary school to play some football and soccer.  Emily is always saying how much she hates playing sports and I think of all the kids she's the one that had the most fun this day. 

While the bigger kids played on the field the younger ones played on the play ground. 

I just love the relationship that Brayden and Kylie have. They are the best of friends. Brayden is always so willing to help his little sister and watch out for her. 

 Madelyn likes to play sports but her cousin, Carlaya does not. So these two kicked the ball to each other and just wandered around.  

After the fun and games we all went back to our houses to get ready for the big feast! 

After our Thanksgiving dinner Jason and Travis and helped Kory lift the walls to our future garage!

Hunter was thrilled with our help. We were able to get the walls sheeted to before night fall!

For many many years my sister's and sister in laws and I have always participated in "Black Friday Shopping". It's something each of us looks forward to each year. We love the hustle and bustle, the searching of the "best" deals and just being together. As the years have come and gone society has changed their Black Friday ways. The best deals are no longer on Friday in the wee hours of the morning but now on Thanksgiving Day. I hate it! So us girls boycott the shopping on Thanksgiving day and try to get what we wanted on Friday instead. However, last year and this year I was able to find even better deals a few weeks before Black Friday on my computer with free shipping! Woo Hoo! But I still miss the fun we girls use to have.  So Friday morning, my sister in law Camille wanted to go into town to Target. Hunter and Noah and Madelyn and Carlya went with her. The younger grand kids were feeling a little left out and wanted to participate in Black Friday shopping too. So I took them to Wal Mart. 

We walked up and down every craft and toy isle looking at all the goodies. After Wal Mart we went to the new Dollar Tree in town and I let them each pick one thing to buy. They were so excited to get back to Grandma and show her what they had each bought on Black Friday. These girls are fun!

 Friday night we went to Uncle Rod's house and played some fun games with everyone.
Uncle Rod with his brother Grandpa Christensen 

A fun little balloon game. 

Lots of treats to eat! 

A ball of saran wrap that is full of candy. The person in the middle had to put a pair of gloves on and try to unwind the plastic wrap to get to the candy. Meanwhile everyone sitting around in the circle is taking turns with a pair of dice. When doubles are rolled that person gets to be in the middle trying to get some candy. 

The flour game is the most popular game to play at any Christensen get together! 

What a fun weekend we had with our extended family!