Friday, April 30, 2010

Brayden's 1st Birthday

It's amazing how fast time can fly by. To think we have gone from this to this in just 1 short year. Friday night we had some friends come over for a little celebration.

Just celebrating a "7th birthday" last week I forgot how different a 1st birthday can be.

Brayden was surrounded by gifts.

He was content to sit in the middle and just do NOTHING.

The other kids around him just didn't understand.

He had plenty of help this birthday in opening his gifts.

Happy Birthday

my little man.

I haven't wanted my baby to turn "one". My older kids have been counting down awaiting the big day while I have been dreading it. Him turning "one" puts him that much closer to being a toddler. I don't want a toddler. I want my baby boy. I've been reminising this week of what was going on a year ago. A year ago he would have been 3 days old today. Today was the 1st day I got to hold him. (I held him right after he was born before he was cleaned up for just a minute. Then in the nursery 2x for less then a minute because his oxygen level would drop and his heart would begin racing. When I put him down everything would go back to normal, well of what normal was at that time for him.) I was only able to cuddle with him for just a few short minutes today, but I got to hold him for what I felt like was the 1st time. For the rest of that day I was only able to touch him through the arm holes of the incubator. Looking back I needed that touch, that bonding moment of being able to hold him even if was just once. That feeling of him in my arms would carry me through till I could hold him again 2 days later. Today was the day that I changed my 1st diaper. I was soo excited! Today was the day that his MRI results and cardiogram came back showing everything was O.K. Today was the 1st day that Brayden didn't seem to be in pain. Today he was breathing more easily, he slept peacefully. Today restored my hope that Brayden would get well and I would be able to bring him home soon. He wouldn't have to be there for weeks and months like some of his fellow roomates. Today was the day that my daily trips back and forth from Phoenix began.
We've had a rocky first year with many many doctors appointments and 2 surgeries. I hope this second year will be much easier on the both of us. I am so greatful to have you a part of my life. I love you little man.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Projects complete

This week I had a few projects that I wanted to get complete. Somebody in our house is having a birthday in just a few short days (snif.. snif..). My babies turning "1" has never bothered me before. This go round I'm not ready for the little man of my life to turn one. I don't know it it's because this might be our last "1st birthday" celebration or what. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. However, whether I like it or not it's a coming and we will be ready!

This is Brayden's bed. Have you ever really looked/felt what the manufactures expect these little ones to sleep on. It's harder then a rock! My children prefer something a little softer. My parents came across some thick foam a few weeks back. They didn't know what they'd do with it but they held on to it. A few weeks ago Sheri and I were complaing about the hardness of these little mats and my Mom suggested we use the foam to add some comfort. So I brought the foam home and covered it with a blanket with the intentions of making a fitted sheet for it. I won't tell you how long ago that was! The point is that I finally got around to making it. It was sooo easy and fits perfectly.
It's another car seat canopy. Isn't it cute? I "love" our Hobby Lobby fabric selections. It certainly doesn't help that the store is less then 2 miles away from my front door. Just looking at it makes me want a baby girl!
We (well really Kory has done it all so far this year) started our garden. We've got peas, chard, asparagus, and a few more things outside . For our area it's safe to start planting after Mother's Day (plants that could die due to a late freeze). Every year after this time we head to Home Depot and buy tomato plants and pepper plants. Wanting to do it a little different this year and NOT wanting to pay the ridiculous price for pepper and tomato plants we decided to start them from seed. Kory's thought process was why stop there! Lets do it all! So we've got the tomatos, peppers, zuccinni, squash, pumpkin, watermelon, cantelope, etc. all starting inside these niffty little containers that can be planted into the ground. It's been warm enough that we've set a table up in the backyard to set them on. 2 days ago the temp. dropped a little and we decided we'd better bring them inside so they wouldn't freeze.

My island has been taken over by these little pots of seed, along with every cookie sheet and plastic lid we own. I use my island quite often throughout the day and it's driving me NUTS having them there. It's too cold in the shed and if I put them any closer to the ground I'm begging little fingers to come explore. I was hoping that very soon we could move them back outside. However today we got this... I think they'll be inside a little bit longer!

Snow in late April. What the heck?

It's been a long time since I've seen snow like this. It reminds me of the staticy messy little crap found in bean bags. The best part of getting snow here is that it's usually gone by dinner! Hooray!

Transformer Birthday Party

Hunter has been planning his Transformer Birthday Party for quite some time now. Saturday was abusy day for everyone as only 2 of his invited friends were able to make it. That didn't stop us from having some fun. We started off with a little WII while waiting for everyones arival.

Followed by a water balloon fight, Autobots vs. Decepticon's. It took me more then 30minutes to fill up 50+ water balloons and all of about 2 minutes for 5 children to defeat the Decepticon's with them. My finger soreness and soaked pants (since I used the hose outside to fill) was well worth the "that was the funnest thing ever" or how about "that was awsome" or even "this is the best pary ever" responses when the Decepticons had been defeated.

We then had a little scavenger hunt. The boys started off with a clue to find additional clues that eventually led them to the "Allspark". It took me an hour to come up with some cheesy rhyming poems that weren't too easy yet not to hard. I had a total of 5 clues. Next time I think I will double that. We've got some smart little boys!

The "Allspark" was soon found in the oven filled with birthday gifts.
Before opening the presents we chowed down on pizza.

We sang "Happy Birthday" and blew out "7" candles.

His Transformer Party was quite the success. Hunter's favorite part was finding the Allspark.
Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! For all the wonderful gifts from our friends.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Twighlight Party

My best friend, April, celebrated a birthday this past week. To celebrate I rented New Moon, made some goodies and invited a few other mommies over for a girl's night out. I tried to keep with a red/white/ black theme. I made a yummy fruit dip with red apples and strawberries. I thougth bloody mary's would fit in with the theme but opted for red hawaiian punch instead.

I also printed out quotes from the movie and put into matching black frames.

My favorite part was the cake. My cakes never turn out as I imagine them in my head but I think this one turned out pretty good.

My chosen cake depicts the front of the book, New Moon by Stephenie Myer's.

I had a great time, I hope everyone else did too. Thanks to all who came to celebrate April's birthday. We had so much fun that before everyone left for the evening we decided we'd do this again in a few months when Eclipse is released. So until then my lady friends...

Hunter turns 7...

Look who's had a birthday... As with tradition he got 7 pancakes to eat.

He was very pleased with his gifts this year. Thankyou Aunt Christina, Grandma and April for your gifts to him this year.

Every other Saturday our Good Will has a 50% day. Several months ago I found roller blades in Hunter's size marked $4.99. It just happened to be a 50% day so I was able to pick these up for about $2.50.

He's loving them. He's only had them now for a day in a half but he's doing well. Hunter wants a transformer birthday party this year. His party with a few friends will be next weekend. He decided he'd take cupcakes to school and save his birthday cake for his party coming up.
Hunter, I hope you had a wonderful day. I love you little man. Happy 7th Birthday.

The Christensen Family...

We all came together for Easter/General Conference weekend. My brother Matt is the only one who is missing. He's currently serving a mission in PA so I guess he has a good excuse for not being present. Having a picture taken with this many kids and babies I don't know if we'd ever have a "perfect" picture. These were the ones that turned out the best.

All nine grandkids. Allie (on the far right) is my brother Jonathan's foster daughter. Even though she's been with the family for 8 months this was the first time my kids and I have met her. Emily had a great time playing with her new cousin.

Here's the babies. These 3 precious little ones joined our family last year. It's hard to believe in just a few short weeks Brayden will be turning the big 1.
Jamie, Elena and Brayden.

Dyeing Eggs...

This year we dyed eggs with our cousins at Grandma's house. This is Carlaya and Maddie. Emily and Allie.

Emily wasn't to sure about the process but quickly joined in on the fun.
Gabby and Hunter who refused to smile for me.

This was a new experience for Gabby.

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny did find us this year despite what the kids thought. They were so worried that not being home this year they would miss out. Maddie was quite pleased with her new apron. Emily was so excited she wouldn't hold still for the picture. The Easter Bunny brought her new baby clothes for her doll Kierra. I hid Kierra a few days before we left for Utah so she would'nt get lost. Emily missed her but wasn't upset about it. Easter morning she was so excited that the Easter Bunny brought her a new baby that she named Emma. (huh?????) Same baby but now with 2 different names. I kept telling her that her baby was Kierra with new clothes on but she insists this baby is new and her name is Emma. Since we've been home she hasn't asked for Kierra.

Brayden wouldn't hold still for a picture either what with a new ball in front of him.

Hunter loved the tic-tac-toe game.

He kept all the grandkids and uncles playing that morning.

Happy Easter!

The Easter Egg Hunt

We held our Easter Egg Hunt between conference sessions this year. Due to some sensitive eyes while taking pictures Aunt Hanna grabbed some glasses to help the kids. On your mark.. Get set...GO...

What did we find?????

Look at that grass! It's funny how the girls just made a pile of their findings and the boys lined them all up.

These 2 are 13 days apart. They were labeled "The Boys" this weekend. Aren't they cute!