Friday, April 02, 2010

April Fool's

Yesterday was April Fool's. I had come up with lots of different ideas and had big plans. I was also trying to turn some homework in that was due yesterday. I've been working on this assignment now for a few days. I got stuck on one of the problems and could not figure it out for the life of me. I finally emailed our business accountant and got some help. I was so stressed out with my assignment that April Fools kind of snuck up on me. It wasn't until early afternoon when I realized what day it was. Unfortunatley by then it was too late to do most of my ideas. Having baseball pracice at 5:30 and a school function from 6:30-8:30 certainly didn't help.

Hunter's teacher apparently had several tricks up her sleave throughout the day. Sounds like several of his classmates also came with tricks prepared to pull on the class. I heard about the tricks all afternoon. Hunter kept asking me why I hadn't tried tricking him. I told him a half truth that I had forgotten it was April Fools. He didn't know I was going to get him and his sister GOOD come dinner time. The kids usually set the table but this time I did it for them so that when I said dinner's on all they had to do was come sit down. I had a pan of vegetables on the table and a casserole that still had aluminum foil on it sitting in the middle. I warned everyone not to touch as it had just come out of the oven. We said prayer and then I carefully took off the foil to discover a pan of uncooked rice and chicken. Hunter grabbed the serving spoon and was about to dig in before he noticed. We all awed, and complained about how this could have happened. The kids finally decided our oven must be broken. I told them that it couldn't be broken I had made cupcakes earlier. I told them just for tonight we'd all eat a cupcake and vegetables. Maybe we'd have time after baseball practice for a more healthier, filling dinner. I WISH I could have captured the looks when I brought these cupcakes to the table. I heard, Ooooooh look at all the frosting. Can we do sprinkles please please please? I scooped one onto everyones plates. Hunter picked his up first and said , "Hey, what the heck?" (Our newest phrase we hear a lot.) Our bright blue cupcakes were actually shepards's pie. I put a scoop of hamburger in the bottom of the paper, sprinkled a little cheese, a scoop of vegies and topped it with blue mashed potato's. The paper wasn't sturdy enough to keep it's shape for long so when Hunter tried to pick his up the paper sagged/fell apart and showed what was hiding underneath the blue frosting.

After the shock of mom's silly cupcakes I told them all that I had made Kool-aid (something I never do). Since it was April Fools I'd also allow them to drink with a straw (something else that rarely happens). Both Hunter and Maddie picked there's up at the same time. Maddie was the first to say, "What the heck?" Hunter then replied, "Awwwww mom you did it again." Yes sireee I did it again. There cups weren't full of kool-aid but red jello!

They thought it was great that they could slurp jello out of a straw. I think the kids had fun. Hunter said he's going to remember this so that next time he won't be fooled. I guess time will tell.