Friday, April 02, 2010

I love coupons...

I have been doing coupons now for almost 4 years. It's amazing how much money I save by using coupons. Almost every week you can get something for FREE. This morning I went grocery shopping. Everything I bought I had a coupon for. I bought 14 boxes of cereal. Do we need this much cereal? NO So why did I buy it? Because I was able to get it for $.77 a box! I purchased 4 boxes of granola bars for the same $.77 a box. My 2 bags of chips were $.88 a bag. The dawn dish soap was the most $.99. The 2 bags of vegetables (my favorite) was ..... FREE!!! I spent $15.07 and saved $42.88. I was suppose to get 2 tubs of Promise Spreadable Butter for FREE but they were out of stock. I've got my self a rain check and will go back next week to get those.

Every weeks different. A couple of weeks ago I picked up 4 Snicker bars for FREE and 4 tubes of Crest toothpaste for FREE. They go hand in hand don't they.

Yesterday I think I found my favorite deal of alltime. I went to Target where they have The Princess and The Frog movie listed for $13.99. Before going I printed off a $5.00 coupon from for this paticular movie. I also printed off a $3.00 Target coupon from for any Disney movie. Online I found that if you buy 2 participating boxes of Band-Aids I could mail in a $5.00 rebate. I could also buy a roll of Frog tape (painters tape) for another $5.00 rebate. These rolls are about $6.00 and not needing painters tape I opted for the band-aids since we are on our last box anyways. I was also able to print out $1.00 off 1 box of bandaids from 2x's. When I got to the register I didn't know if the cashier would accept 2 coupons for the same product but she did. So my $13.99 - $5.00 - $3.00=$5.99. Target is selling there band-aids for $1.88 a box. With my 2 band aid coupons I paid $.88 a box (not bad). I can now fill out my rebate form and get an additional $5.00 back for buying this movie which I will have now paid $.99 for.
Maddie hasn't seen the movie yet but sure wants too. I'm hoping I can keep it hidden until her upcoming birthday (June). I know my little princess would love this as a birthday gift.
If you want this movie I'd suggest you go to Target quick. Or at least before there band-aids aren't on sale anymore.


Natty said...

You are simply AMAZING! I am beyond impressed!

Jessica said...

You HAVE to show me how to do that! That is so cool and it really does make you feel good to be so savvy!

Janet said...

It looks like you are doing great. It was great to check out all the darling pix of your family and I had to chuckle to myself...Justin's wife did the same colored mashed potato cupcake and bows on a picture must be a Mormon thing!

Sara said...

Maddie looks so grown up. Her hair is so cute. Looks like you're still amazing at everything. I think we're coming down in MAy. Love to see you guys!