Monday, April 29, 2019

Look Who's 10!

This handsome young man is finally 10! 

I love his enthusiasm for life. He loves science, lego's, reading and building things with his hands. 

He also loves insects and anything creepy, crawly. 

His favorite series at the moment is Percy Jackson. He has read this series numerous times all ready. He was pretty excited for his Camp Half Blood shirt. 

Brayden specifically asked for Costco's cheesecake this year. 

Yummy, yummy!

We sure love this little guy in our home! He keeps us laughing with his most random facts about everything and anything he's learned through his readings. He also loves to tell jokes. He's quick to share with his family any new ones he learns during the day. Happy Birthday little man!

Monday, April 15, 2019


The Easter Bunny a few years ago started hiding everyone's gifts. The kids leave their baskets on the table the night before. When they look inside on Easter morning they have a few pieces of candy with one strand of curly ribbon. Everyone's strand of curly ribbon is a different color. They then go on the "hunt" for items they can find wrapped in their color of curly ribbon. 

There is no spot untouchable.

The kids LOVE it! 

Miss Kylie was given a new Easter book, Go Fish Book of Mormon, a jump rope and new necklace. 

Emily also got a new book, new necklace, Who Said It Book of Mormon game and a kit to make her own lip balm.

Hunter also received a new book, Cover Your Assets game, a case of Mountain Dew and a tie tack. 

Brayden loves his new bullets, Spot It game, new book and tie tack. 

Maddie loves the next book in her series, a journal, package of Spree's and a YW bracelet. 

Kids were happy with their new books. This little one not only read her own book but them read Brayden's too!

 She is such a good little reader.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Big 16

How is it possible that my little boy is now 16?
He is so awesome! He's a great student who gets straight A's. He excels in almost everything he tries and of course makes it look super simple too. He has been so helpful when we work on the house. He's just an awesome young man and I'm so glad he's mine!

Maddie made him a candy bar poster. 

His favorite gift? Why that would be his very own set of keys! No more having to borrow mom's or dad's. 

I took off from work a little early to take him to the DMV. How awesome is this going to be? He finally has his license and can drive by himself. He's only been driving for a full year now. We were both so ready for this day!

Happy Birthday!