Friday, February 16, 2018

Valentines 2018

I just don't like that my kids are growing up. A few years ago I was helping make 5 valentine boxes. This year I was able to help with 3 and next year I will only have 2. It makes me sad. 

I think the best part about Valentines Day is our 1-2 nights that we sit down and make the valentine boxes. Some of our schools have asked the kids to make and bring one while other schools have had the kids decorate a boring paper sack that day to use. I hate it when they make those boring sacks! So we still make our own unique box and the kids then take them to school to use. Some teachers have let the kids use them while others feeling it wasn't fair to the other kids made them keep it at the back table and use those boring sacks. I've told the kids to obey their teacher but that we are still making our boxes whether or not they end up neeing them. While living in Hurricane most teachers don't let the kids know until the night before whether or not to bring a custom made valentine box or not. Being Valentine's Day falls during tax season I can't always wait till the night before so we usually start a few days before to make sure we are ready!

Emily is into Giraffe's right now. She wants to decorate her room in giraffes. So it wasn't surprising she asked to make a giraffe. She found an idea on pinterest and she went with it. She went through our recycling bin and came up with the pieces she needed. I helped her glue everything into place and then she took it outside and spray painted it all yellow. She had to do a few coats so you couldn't see the tissue box. The next day after school she glued on it's eyes, antennae's, ears and painted the spots. I think she did an AMAZING job. She was so happy that the day before her Valentine Party her teacher, Mrs. Webb, told the class to bring in their very own valentine box. 

Our family is kinda liking the Marvel movies right now. One of Brayden's favorite characters is Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. So of course that's what he chose. This one was a little harder to do. We ended up taking an apple juice bottle and gluing it into another apple juice bottle that had been cut in half. Then we rumpled and hot glued a paper grocery bag around the containers. Trying to form him the best we could. We glued the bottom into an old flower pot, glued some fake green leaves we pulled out of my greenery and drew on a face. Brayden and his classmates LOVED it!

Kylie wanted to make a ladybug! I hot glued two aluminum round pans together and let her go to town. She painted and painted and painted. I showed her how to make the black dots and she was in heaven. When she was done painting we hot glued some eyes and poked in the antennaes. She loved it!

Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, January 19, 2018


For Christmas last year we gave Brayden a butterfly kit. It came with 5 larvae and a habitat. For several weeks we watched his larvae grow and change into a cocoon and then a butterfly. One day after school it was a warm enough day outside that we tried to let the butterfly's free. 

We unzipped the top, and coaxed one of them out but it just didn't want to fly away.  

Brayden sat there for almost an hour watching his butterfly's but none of them flew away. 

So gently he put the caterpillars back in their habitat and thought we'd try again in a few days. 

That next Saturday with a friend, Dylan, and his cousin Jamie we tried again. Brayden was kind and let his friends help him. 

His cousin Jesse got a turn too.

Even Madelyn gave it a try. 

It was such an exciting day! After some time each butterfly eventually flew away on their own.  

This was so much fun! It was an awesome experience for the kids to watch the butterfly's grow. To feed and water them when they had hatched and then to have it climb onto their hands and fingers and eventually fly away.