Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Kindergarten Field Trip

Today I participated in what will very likely be my very last Kindergarten Field Trip.
Why are my kids growing up so fast!

Our 1st stop for Miss Kylie and I was the fire station. 

Miss Kylie hasn't quite hit a growth spurt yet.
 She may be the smallest of her class but she's also the cutest!

Kylie is learning how to take selfies already.  

Our next stop was Lin's Grocery store.  

The free cookie in the bakery was everyone's favorite part! 

Then we walked over to Mc Donald's.
The kids were given a free snack bag. It had sliced apples and a cheese stick.  

 She just loved taking our picture together!
I had so much fun with my baby girl today. She loves telling me who her friends were and what they play at recess. Her friends wanted to be in our group cause Kylie is their "bestest" friend! I'm so glad I was able to spend my day with her. 

Friday, January 19, 2018


For Christmas last year we gave Brayden a butterfly kit. It came with 5 larvae and a habitat. For several weeks we watched his larvae grow and change into a cocoon and then a butterfly. One day after school it was a warm enough day outside that we tried to let the butterfly's free. 

We unzipped the top, and coaxed one of them out but it just didn't want to fly away.  

Brayden sat there for almost an hour watching his butterfly's but none of them flew away. 

So gently he put the caterpillars back in their habitat and thought we'd try again in a few days. 

That next Saturday with a friend, Dylan, and his cousin Jamie we tried again. Brayden was kind and let his friends help him. 

His cousin Jesse got a turn too.

Even Madelyn gave it a try. 

It was such an exciting day! After some time each butterfly eventually flew away on their own.  

This was so much fun! It was an awesome experience for the kids to watch the butterfly's grow. To feed and water them when they had hatched and then to have it climb onto their hands and fingers and eventually fly away.