Friday, July 25, 2008

Are you ready for school?

aOne morning last week all three of my children were up at 5:30 AM. Kory and my brother who is living with us got up shortly after and left for work at 6:00AM. I packed everyone into the van and we headed to Wal Mart. Everyone got to choose their own donught for breakfast and we did our school shopping. Being at Wal Mart at 6:15 AM was great. The store was almost empty, it was quiet, I could hear myself think, and we each had our own little personal space. Best of all there were no lines when it came time to check out. Maddie is going to be in Preschool one more year. She was asked to bring a little notebook, a pencil, and a gluestick which we forgot to put in the picture. She wanted a new box of crayons and at $.33 box why not.
Hunter's list of needed things were a little different. He's going to Kindergarten this year and is so excited. His favorite item was a Spiderman folder to keep his papers in. He also needed a pencil box, a box of crayons, and a pair of scissors. The part that broke the bank was that he also needed a package of multi colored construction paper, 4dozen pencils, 1 liquid glue and 2 glue sticks, 2 boxes of wipes, Anti-bacterial wipes, and a box of klenex all of this was to share with the class. $30 later we were finished with our school shopping. I'm glad I only had to buy class room supplies for 1 child this year. Next year for 1st grade I noticed they wanted the same as kindergarten with a few differences of 5 packs of glue sticks and 6 boxes of wipes. I'll have to start stocking up earlier next year.
Hunter also had to have a few shots to start Kindergarten. I went in thinking he was going to get 2 shots. We came out with 4, 2 in each arm. Thanks to our Pediatrician's office that we no longer go to. This was the 3rd time that Hunter had to get an extra shot becuase the same shot was given too soon. He did really good. He doesn't need any more shots until he's 11/12 yrs old. One child down, 2 more to go.
He's pretty proud of his shots. He will not take the bandaids off because he wants to show everyone that he got 4 shots.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sheep's Bridge

We recently returned home from spending some time in Utah with family. The first few days we were there Hunter and Maddie both particitpated in a rodeo for 18 and under. I can't get the pictures transfered from cd to my computer for some reason. I'll have to post those when I get it figured out. I was quite impressed with my little cowgirl. After a couple of days in Kory's home town we then went to Hurricane to my mom's. While there she took us to Sheep's Bridge or as Hunter continues to call it London Bridges. There were plenty of rocks to climb on.
Lots of sandy beach to play in.
With plenty of frogs and tadpoles to be caught and released.

We found a nice shallow place that the kids could play in. The river was peaceful at this spot making it a good starting place with the innertubes.

Being we didn't have any life jacketts for the kids Aunt Hanna was great at keeping close to the kids.
They loved the current of the river and the mini rapids they were able to go over.

They were all a little nervous to begin with but after several hours they were going down by themselves. Of course Grandma, Mom and Aunt Hanna were close by.

Sheep's Bridge is a favorite spot that the youth go to often. I wish we had a place like this close by.

St. George Splash Pad

While at my moms, we ran into St. George to check out their new Water Park. It just opened this summer, it's next door to the Tabernacle and the best part is that it is FREE. It has a little river that winds around that the kids are able to walk through, climb over rocks and play in the mini waterfalls.

On the other side is a mini splash pad where lots and lots of water shoots up out of the ground.

The kids had so much FUN here. Thankyou Grandma.

Grandma Christensen's

While in Utah Emily became quite attached to her GG (Great Grandma Grow). Everytime GG came over Emily ran to her chatting ruf, ruf (dog) and he,he (horse). Being it was over over 100 degrees everyday we were there Emily had a hard time finding someone willing to take her outside during the middle of the day to see the animals. Her GG came to her rescue. It didn't matter how hot it was she always took her out. Thankyou GG.
The last day we were at Grandma's we pulled out the slip n' slide.

Emily got a little to close to the water. She ran to Grandma for comfort.
Maddie and her favorite aunt, Aunt Hanna.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Project Complete

Many of you have seen these bags around. Last time we were at my inlaws (in Utah) I saw a lady with a purse similar to this at church. Last week I attended a baby shower for our bishop's wife and she was given a diaper bag similar to this made out of Capri' Suns. I've seen them a few other places and decided to try making one. You can find them all over the internet. I found a lady who made a back pack for her child out of capri suns back in 1992. I was impressed. This is a diaper bag for Kory's sister who will be having her 4th girl in October. I wanted to get her something a little different.

It has 2 pocketts on the outside of the bag. On the inside I put a total of 6 pocketts. The print is hard to see in the pict but it's a lady bug print. It took me 1 day to sew the inside fabric, 1 day to sew the actual bag together, and then 2 wonderful days unpicking seams and re-sewing thanks to sewing machine that skips stiches and doesn't feed the cloth through. I'm so glad it's done (so are my kids). I think I'll make another one but I NEED a break from the good ol' sewing machine.

Reaping from the garden...

Friday afternoon we picked our 1st yellow squash and zuccini. Since then it seems these fresh vegetables are growing an inch a day as we've been able to pick them on a daily basis since. It's a good thing we enjoy squash cause we've got lots!!!