Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Project Complete

Many of you have seen these bags around. Last time we were at my inlaws (in Utah) I saw a lady with a purse similar to this at church. Last week I attended a baby shower for our bishop's wife and she was given a diaper bag similar to this made out of Capri' Suns. I've seen them a few other places and decided to try making one. You can find them all over the internet. I found a lady who made a back pack for her child out of capri suns back in 1992. I was impressed. This is a diaper bag for Kory's sister who will be having her 4th girl in October. I wanted to get her something a little different.

It has 2 pocketts on the outside of the bag. On the inside I put a total of 6 pocketts. The print is hard to see in the pict but it's a lady bug print. It took me 1 day to sew the inside fabric, 1 day to sew the actual bag together, and then 2 wonderful days unpicking seams and re-sewing thanks to sewing machine that skips stiches and doesn't feed the cloth through. I'm so glad it's done (so are my kids). I think I'll make another one but I NEED a break from the good ol' sewing machine.


Camille said...

wow! Super cute! I have seen some similar to this- well at least the idea of it. You did a great job. I have a sewing machine and I used to love to sew, but I have not done it in so long, I am no good. Plus I don't really have patients for it.