Tuesday, September 22, 2015

4th of July

For the 4th of July this year 3 families drove to Kanab, Ut to celebrate. We had our family of 7, the Goodfellow family of 7 and the Wright family of 7. Here are just some of the kids waiting for more of the parade to come by. 

Kylies favorite treat thrown were the big popsicles. It was quite hot!

Following the parade we headed to the Goodfellow's property where some of us went for a exploring ride. The kids loved the zebra painted, old suburban, turned off road jeep. 

Since there were a lack of seats due to our large numbers some of us stayed behind with the little ones. They colored, colored and colored. 

When the jeep ride was over we enjoyed a dutch oven cook out. Afterwards we headed back into Kanab to enjoy the firework show. These 3 girls are about the same age and went off on their own without younger siblings in tow.

We all brought card games and had fun sitting around playing while waiting for the show to begin. 

All though I wasn't looking forward to being more than an hour from home it was a good, memorable night. One we hope to do again.