Monday, October 29, 2007

Ward Halloween Party

Our annual ward party took place this past friday evening at the park. Hunter decided to dress up at the last minute as a pirate. He refused to wear the eye patch, or the earing. He wanted a hat but I didn't have one. I told him weeks ago if he wanted to be a pirate we'd get him a hat but he chose 3 other costumes and said he was not going to be a pirate this year so why waste money on hat. Of course he chose to be a pirate this weekend. Oh well...

Maddie was a fairy She wore her birthday dress up skirt that her Grandma Christensen made for her over the summer with a pair of wings. We bought pink hairspray, glitter hairspray and glittery makeup that came with stickers. She looked so cute. Her hair was definitely pink but the glittery hairspray was a disapointment . It was very hard to see any glitter. She was happy though with all those stickers and sparkles all over her face. She was given a ribbon for the best costume (along with who knows how many children). She was so proud of her costume and kept telling her big brother that her costume was the BEST!!! Emily wasn't an M&M that night. I guess we can say she went Patriotic.
Maddie didn't want to take her wings off but she wanted to swing in the baby swings. The desire to swing won.
Hunter was so excited to eat next to his friend Christian.
Maddie wanted to eat on the grass with her little friends and of course Emily followed.
Look at that smile. It is the cutest. She looks like she is posing.

more ward party picts.

Plenty of cupcakes to decorate..
It was so funny to watch these kids try to eat a donut on a string with no hands.
Kory participated in the pumpkin carving contest. The past 2 years he's won 1st prize which was a gift card to our local theatre. This year all the prizes were ribbons and went to the kids.
This is mommy rescuing Maddie and her friend Amber from the dog that was brought to the party. The dog was very friendly and the girls liked it as long as it kept it's distance.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Halloween Party

Our Halloween Party took place last night. We had so much fun and hope everyone who attended enjoyed themselves. Maddie was our little witch. To anyone who would listen this is what she told them, "My name is Witch O.K call me Witch O.K don't say Madelyn, don't say Maddie O.K say Witch O.K" O.K my little Witch. Hunter got out of the shower yesterday morning and put his Ninja Turtle costume right on in anticipation of our party. Halfway through decorating the house he decided to be Dracula instead so changed his costume. Before the party began He again changed his mind and became a dinosaur. However when our guests began to arrive apparently Hunter was tired of being somebody else and opted to be Hunter. So what was Hunter dressed as last night during our Halloween Party. Why as "Hunter" of course. Little Stinker.
Daddy, Mommy and Emily were M&M's. Emily did really good in her costume. She left in on all night and didn't even try to take it off.
Whats a party without homemade rootbeer and dry ice? My children got a kick out of the dry ice. All 4 (including their daddy) had a good time playing with it.
Emily was great during the party. She really enjoyed playing with all the kids. When Batman or Spiderman put their masks on she didn't want to play but for the most part she did very well with all the different costumes.

Party n' Games

Kory was a good sport and wore his green M&M costume. We had a skeleton relay race with 3 different groups of children
We had a eyeball relace followed by the most anticipated activity of the evening. The Pinata.
The pinata didn't take a very good beating. After about the 5th child it broke in half and candy and goodies flew everywhere.
The best costume award goes to Lisa and Scott Eustice. Lisa came in her pink sweats, curlers in her hair and carrying a boquet of flowers, balloons and a check from the Publishers Clearing House for $1,000,000.00 Her husband Scott was the awardee who presented her with the check. Congrats to the Eustice Family.

We had great attendance. There was a total of 9 families that came. Giving us 18 adults, 26 children and 5 babies. A grand total of 49 people. I was a little worried knowing how many people had RSVP'd and our little house but we did great. Nothing was spilled, broken or damaged in anyway. Our house withstood it all and in the end it only took us about 2 hours to put everything back together this morning. Thankyou all you came and particiapted and for those who helped contribute to the goodies. We had plenty of cupcakes, cookies, chips and dip, pizza, rootbeer and of course candy to go around.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Yesterday afternoon I put Emily and Maddie down for a nap. Kory came home for just a few minutes and told Hunter he could run some errands with him. So with the boys out of the house and girls napping what was I to do....

In the hour of alone time I had I was able to sew the red straps onto the M&M, the velcro and cut the face and the letter M. Then the girls woke up and the boys came home. Over the next couple of hours I was able to finish the other 2 M&M's. These costumes are for Kory & I and Emily. The other kids didn't want to be M&M's. Now that I'm finished both Hunter and Maddie have changed their minds and want to be M&M's. So maybe on Halloween night we will be a family of M&M's. Emily woke up this morning as I was taking pictures of our costumes. The kids wanted Emily to try hers on. Despite the smile on her face she wasn't to pleased of being my model this morning.
I think she's going to make a pretty cute M&M.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Little Mommy

I am always amazed when I see children in general copy adults. This is my 12mo. old sharing her water with a baby doll. I never got a good picture but she had the sippie right up against the baby's mouth. At 12 months she knew where her sippie was suppose to go.
She was being so sweet and loving to this baby doll until she found it's eyes.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


My sister-in-law tagged me a few weeks ago and I never got around to posting it. Now that Lisa's tagged me I thought I'd better do it.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago.
1. Living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2. I was a Junior in High School.

3. I had recently gotten my driver's license
4. I could date.
5. I was working as a Dental Assistant

5 Things on my to do list for tommorrow...

1. Delivering invitations to our Halloween Bash.
2. Pay bills.
3. Clean my bathrooms.
4. Grocery Shopping.
5. Prepare activities for my children during conference this weekend.

5 Snacks that I enjoy...

1. Popcorn
2. Carmel Apples
3. Fruit Slushie
4. Kit-kat
5. Almond Joy

5 Songs I know the lyrics to...

1. "Can't Fight the Moonlight" by LeeAnn Rimes (from Coyote Ugly)
2. "Mr. Mom" by Lonestar
3. "He Hears Me" by Hilary Weeks
4. "Angels Among Us" by Alabama
5. "Never Been Kissed" by Sherrie Auston

5 Things I would do if I was a millionaire...

1. Get out of debt
2. Buy Kory a Duramax (truck that he will probably never own) with cash
3. Build us a nice comfortable house on a couple of acres in southern utah
4. Never put off going to the doctor.
5. Put together several scholarships for married/with families students.

5 Bad Habits...

1. Letting bills pile up.
2. Over thinking things.
3. Over scheduling myself
4. Not getting enough sleep (thanks to Emily)
5. Allowing Maddie to watch her favorite movie of the month "Cinderella" more than twice a

5 Things Iwould never wear again...

1. long feathered bangs.
2. Wear a 2 piece swim suit

3. Turtle neck sweaters

4. Jeans that hug your legs

5. Stuffed bra

5 favorite toys...

1. computer

2. camera

3. Wii

4. sewing machine

5. dinosaurs & baby dolls of course!

5 People I tag

1. April Shultz

2. Jamie Taylor

It looks as if everyone else I know has already been tagged.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Halloween Party

Kory and I threw a Halloween Party 2 years ago. We invited people who had children our kids ages and didn't have older kids. We kept it very fun and games for 3yr olds and younger. This is why we didn't invite any older children. We had so much fun and the kids talked about our party for long afterwards so we planned on throwing another one last year. Last year however I had just brougt Emily home and I wasn't up for a party at my house. This year however it's on again. The kids and I made many many invitations yesterday and will be delivering them tommorrow after preschool. This year we are inviting anyone who wants to come. So consider yourself invited. We will have lots of goodies and games for most ages. This is a FAMILY halloween bash.
The only requirement is that everyone comes dressed up including Moms and Dads. Nothing to scary as little monsters will be running around. If you can't see the above clearly enough this Halloween Bash will take place Saturday, Oct. 20th from 6-8 pm. Hope to see you ghouls then.

Bear Arts &Crafts Boutique

The 2nd Anual Bear Arts & Craft Boutique is coming up. It will be Nov. 3rd at Bradshaw Mountain High School from 9-4. I've decided to participate this year and see how it goes. I'm going to have some felt board stories with a felt board, paper dolls, headbands/little girl bows and some other fun stuff. Should be fun.

Hunter's bedroom

Hunter's bedroom is just about finished. YEAH!! I painted the last 3 dinosaurs this past weekend. It was a fun project but boy am I glad it's done.
Hunter really likes his bedroom and thats all that matters.
This side was painted before we moved in. Hunters walls are nowfinished and he has a single bed (thankyou Lisa). I need to get him a comfortor for his new bed. The one I want is at Company Kids for $140.00 like I'll ever get it. It sure is cute though. Hunter really wants dinosaus on his comfortor to match his sheets. However, I've given up on a dinosaur comfortor in earth tones for a reasonable amount of money. I'm thinking about just a plain dark brown or green solid color. Time will tell I guess.