Sunday, October 21, 2007

Halloween Party

Our Halloween Party took place last night. We had so much fun and hope everyone who attended enjoyed themselves. Maddie was our little witch. To anyone who would listen this is what she told them, "My name is Witch O.K call me Witch O.K don't say Madelyn, don't say Maddie O.K say Witch O.K" O.K my little Witch. Hunter got out of the shower yesterday morning and put his Ninja Turtle costume right on in anticipation of our party. Halfway through decorating the house he decided to be Dracula instead so changed his costume. Before the party began He again changed his mind and became a dinosaur. However when our guests began to arrive apparently Hunter was tired of being somebody else and opted to be Hunter. So what was Hunter dressed as last night during our Halloween Party. Why as "Hunter" of course. Little Stinker.
Daddy, Mommy and Emily were M&M's. Emily did really good in her costume. She left in on all night and didn't even try to take it off.
Whats a party without homemade rootbeer and dry ice? My children got a kick out of the dry ice. All 4 (including their daddy) had a good time playing with it.
Emily was great during the party. She really enjoyed playing with all the kids. When Batman or Spiderman put their masks on she didn't want to play but for the most part she did very well with all the different costumes.